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Jan 31, 2008 01:42 PM

Best LA Dining Experience in Hollywood

We're in town from Austin this weekend and are looking for some 'hound recommendations within easy striking distance from West Hollywood. Soot Bull Jeep is Number 1 on the list, but nothing other than that so far. We won't be 'dressed up' (like I said, we're coming from Austin) so upscale is not an option. Thai? Mexican? It's all fair game. Bonus points for places that also offer signature cocktails (i.e. best margarita etc).

Thanks in advance

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  1. Comme Ca is upscale in terms of food (and really creative drinks) but dressing up is not even a concern. So if you want to try one of the hot new places in town and wear your jeans, boots and tee-shirts, go right ahead.

    Another place, also in West Hollywood (not Hollywood, which is an entirely different locale farther to the east) is Melrose Bar & Grill. A neighborhood type of place that has good food and drink.

    1. If you want Mexican in West Hollywood, you've got to go to either Marix or the Gardens of Taxco. Taxco is a lot of food, but personally not that great. I like Marix better, but it is more Tex-Mex. The margaritas are great though (try the kick ass)!

        1. Yabu or Sushi Wa for good WeHo Japanese....Koi or Katana for less good food but "better scenes" and cocktails. Kokeekoko downtown for yakitori.

          Thai town has umpteen thai choises but all are beer/wine rather than signature drink places.

          Pink Taco in Centruy City has both good drinks and food.

          1. I live in L.A. and regularly visit Austin as my brother's family lives there. Some would argue for Park rather than Soot Bull Jeep for Korean BBQ but you aren't going to be taken aback by the smoke. Enjoy and report back.

            An easy drive to the east along Sunset and one block north onto Hollywood takes you into prime Thaitown. Perhaps the best food is at Jitlada. But the most memorable experience is Palm Thai, with good food and beer and a fun, amazing Thai Elvis late on weekend nights.

            Forget Mexican or Tex-Mex such as Marix in the area, you will be so disappointed. Instead try out the In'and'Out Burger on Sunset a block east of La Brea to try our foremost fastfood burger, or check out the converted train car at Carney's (free parking) on Sunset just west of most of the Sunset Strip for chilidogs.

            For a high-end dinner with steaks or shortribs and fantastic sides, make reservations at Jar for your splurge dinner.