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Jan 31, 2008 01:40 PM

Dinner & Debates

I'm looking for places that have tasty food that would also be willing to put on the debates, coverage of primaries, etc. I've had moderate luck in a few places convincing the bartenders that "it's just like a sports game: it's a competition and there are scores... ", but if there are places that tend to have them on already that would be fantastic.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Nothing conclusive, but it seems as if this would be particularly feasible in the People's Republic of Cambridge, and perhaps Somerville. I feel like upscale bars/pubs would be the money shot. A few initial thoughts:

    Highland Kitchen
    Tavern/Travesty on the Square
    Green Street
    Bar at Chez Henri
    The Druid

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    1. re: finlero

      Thanks for the list. I'll look into them (except maybe Tavern on the Square... not that dedicated to politics!). I've found that Christopher's can be convinced if there isn't a Boston sports game on, but I can only eat so much buffalo tofu. :-P Thornton's puts stuff on sometimes (and has good food near it if not at it), but I live in Somerville, so places on this side of the river are preferable.

      I will definitely report back if I find anything good.

      Does Green Street have a TV? I was there just the other night and was looking for one (for

    2. I'm a civics geek too. I've found no one broadcasting the debates so I've resorted to watching them from the treadmill at the gym. I'm too cheap to pay for CNN. I guess it's better in the long run but I'd love to hear if you find a place.

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      1. re: yumyum

        What about Thirsty Scholar? Seems like their schtick, no?

        1. re: gini

          I don't really know their schtick. I've been there for some geeky events, it's true, but I am not sure if they dabble in politics.

      2. The food is purely old-fashioned pub fare, but Doyle's in JP used to run the election returns-- you might be able to persuade them to put them on the TV down at the far end of the bar. Their steak tips are decent, as is the reuben and the knockwurst plate.

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        1. re: Notorious EMDB

          I was thinking along the same lines as NEMDB, a place populated with locals politicians. Somewhere near the Hill, like 21st Amendment, or the Red Hat? A bunch of the places in Finlero's list don't carry the audio, not even for games but maybe you wouldn't mind reading captions? And try as I might, I can't picture the location of TV at Green Street...I, too, look forward to hearing anything definitive on this topic.

          1. re: digga

            Truth be told, I haven't been to Green Street in years, certainly since its newer, less gritty incarnation came to prominence. It's possible, in fact probable, that I'm just smoking crack.

            1. re: finlero

              I do believe it's crack, as there is no TV at Green Street anymore.

              What there IS though, is mighty fine bartending and a convivial vibe. You should check it out again.

              1. re: yumyum

                There's nothing we crack smokers hate more than fine bartending and convivial vibes. I kid, I kid, it's been on my short list for way too long; I've got to get there soon.

                1. re: finlero

                  You make me laugh. When you do go, ask for the mega drinks menu. Old school mixology at it's best. And try to lay off the pipe for a while.

            2. re: digga

              The upstairs section at the Red Hat might show the debate, but less likely downstairs, as that is where people such as my friends hang out. ;-b

              I'm thinking that Doyle's in JP might be a good bet, or perhaps Jacob Wirth in the Theater District. The Last Hurrah in the Omni Parker House would definitely show it, but I'm not all that impressed by their food.