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Jan 31, 2008 01:35 PM

Yummy, Inexpensive Sushi - West Hollywood

Hi All! I just moved to LA from NYC and was looking forward to the delicious, inexpensive sushi joints Angelenos brag about but ...where are they? Any recs? I'm in West Hollywood.

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    1. Hirozen (on the corner of Beverly & Orlando)

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      1. re: Obessed

        I second Hirozen. The restaurant itself is pretty small, but great for takeout.

        1. re: chris1621

          Love Hirozen. They also have a very reasonable lunch sushi special. Their steamed rock cod is also really tasty -- although it's hard for me not to go for straight sushi...

      2. Jinpachi, the combo plate is a good deal for the quality of the sushi. Its on Santa Monica Blvd.

        1. i find sushi ike in hollywood reasonable and good.

          if you'll go over to studio city, tama has different levels of omakase available, as well as a 20 dollar or so plate.

          sushi masu in westwood is also fairly priced

          1. Hirozen has good sushi but I wouldn't say it was expensive. If you want good sushi and live in WeHo, get in the car and drive. The Valley or WLA is going to be your best bet. For good inexpensive sushi I like Hidei on Sawtelle. Don't expect Cream Cheese Tempura Rolls. This is a no frills Sushi place that emphasizes good fish over gimmicks. The prices are reasonable but it is CASH ONLY.