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Soft food suggestions?

This is an odd plea for help. I just got braces, sadly, and I'm having some issues adjusting to a soft foods diet!! I went out the other night and couldn't even eat the bread because of its crust. It's a little difficult to chew through meat, and I also mistakenly ordered a sticky dessert and couldn't finish. I really don't want to give up going out to great restaurants because of this!! Does anyone have any suggestions for yummy dishes at cool restaurants that would be ok to eat with braces? I know I can eat soup, so non-soup dishes would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Indian food has many options :)

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      Great suggestion. I would add mac and cheese, tortellini, ravioli, crab cakes, and raw oysters - it's an opportunity to indulge in foods you might otherwise overlook.

    2. Seafood (baked or broiled) is probably a great soft food. Rissoto and polenta may be an option, and there's always smoothies!

      1. Add mashed potatoes and grits/polenta to your repertoire. Highland Kitchen does great versions of both.

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        1. Congee (Chinese rice porridge) is good and hearty and soft - comes w/lots of things in it like bits of meat, veggies, etc. (and it's serves double duty - congee is often used as "food therapy" when people aren't well - different ingredients added depending on the ailment - not sure what you'd do for braces, but you can think of it as extra TLC for you). Head into Chinatown - it's in lots of places, or I've had pretty good congee at Kantin in the Super 88 food court in Allston.

          Good luck - no pain, no gain!

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            Totally agree. Also, Victoria Seafood and Quan's Kitchen, both in Allston, do outstanding congee.

          2. Souffles...savory and sweet ones

            1. There's also a wide variety of Asian noodle dishes that should qualify.

              1. I'm speaking from experience here... The suggestions of pasta, noodles, polenta, Indian food, etc are great ideas. Soft tofu also is a great option, for example what you could find at Sichuan places. When I first got braces I thought my chowing days were in hiatus. But after just a couple of weeks, I quickly found that very little is off limits as long as you are willing to cut it up with knife and fork.

                To keep this related to local restaurant options, the mole enchiladas w/rice and refried beans at Taqueria Mexico in Waltham are delicious, as is the guac and chile rellenos at Angelas (comes with rice and beans too). Yep, go to Angela's! Good luck.

                1. All the suggestions here are great--I spent 6 weeks unable to chew AT ALL because of mouth surgery. The key thing is anything that is sort of "casseroley" will work--think anything that you can mush up with your tongue against the roof of your mouth (sorry for being gross). Rice-based anything is good--and don't forget to take advantage of this opportunity to indulge in as much ice cream as you can dream of. Indian would work great, Chinese--try the Eggplant, it gets nice and mushy (Chang Sho has a good one), Mexican (think beans and rice, chop up everything else real small and skip the tortillas or chips), any type of pasta, lasagna, Thai curries (again, chop up things small), thai noodles, quiche, french fries, hot apple crumble... seriously, your biggest limitations are things that you really have to bite into and chew: avoid sandwiches including burgers, steaks, salads, raw fruit and vegetables, raw nuts... most everything else you can chop up small, or mush up with a fork, and wing it. And don't forget to eat lots of ice cream!

                  1. Ken's noodle house in Allston is full of soft noodle-y dishes. The best noodles you'll find in Boston ... arguably.
                    Spend Sunday's at Neptune Oyster. They do amazing risotto specials. Should be easy on the ol' chompers.
                    Corzetti with rabbit at Rocca is slammin' and soft.

                    1. Good work hounds! Great ideas!

                      Let me add that if you go to some of the Chowhound treasures (like Trattoria Toscana, Angela's or La Voile) where there are people who actually care about their customers and explain your situation, they will have some great ideas.

                      You might challenge yourself to do a Risotto tasting around town. A perfect Hound Sport in Winter. (Be sure to include Toscana in that one! ) That way you will be able to get through this period as a Hound-Adventure instead of a Hound-Ache.

                      1. Well you could always go on an ice-cream diet. :)

                        Plenty of places to go around: Kimball's, Toscanini's, etc.