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Jan 31, 2008 01:26 PM

Cafe Hiro, Cypress - Still Good?

4 of us are planning on dinner out Saturday evening and we are considering Cafe Hiro because of so many promising reviews however, we have 1 in our party who doesn't like Japanese food. He does like Italian (as well as Chinese). Is this a good choice for us?

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  1. WOW! Was just going to post the same topic. (Saturday night as well) I've never been and would love some recommendations.

    1. It's been over a year since I've been there, but I still remember the Chilean sea bass with mushroom risotto being absolutely wonderful. I wasn't brave enough to try the sea bass with uni risotto, though.

      Cafe Hiro has been described as Italian-Japanese fusion, so the dishes with Italian pasta should suit your friend's tastes fine.

      1. You need to leave that person at home. Ha, ha. Ate there a while back and the food plus service was excellent. Be advised that the place is small and not very many tables. I had the osso buco which I thought was very tasty. My friend had the chilean sea bass and pasta. All good. This is Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine so you're in for a treat.

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          Tempting but he's paying the bill. From the reports I think he'll find something he likes. He's not finicky, just doesn't care for Japanese food although he loves most other types of Asian food.

        2. I was there last month; it was still very delicious. I'm sure there's something on the menu that will please your finicky friend.

          I too had the Chilean sea bass w/the risotto, and the fish was divine!

          It's a wonderful simple, fusion restaurant. It's fusion w/o being fussy. You'll enjoy it! =)

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            Thanks for the quick reply. Will make reservations right now.

            1. re: HBGigi

              We went to Cafe Hiro's last night and thanks so much for this recommend. We had 7:15 reservations and when the 4 of us arrived we were seated immediately even though there were other folks waiting (I presume they didn't have reservations). Our waitress was very attentive and was always there when we needed her.

              Now on to the food: Two in the group ordered the Osso Buco and both slicked up their plates and said it was wonderful. One had the Chilean Sea Bass w/Mushroom Risotto & Asparagus and couldn't have been happier and one had the Scallops and Risotto and deemed it perfect. We had the salad and yam soup and enjoyed both.

              Thanks again for helping us discover this delightful place. We'll visit again.

              1. re: HBGigi

                How funny! We went last night with this post in mind as well. It actually was our first time, and we were very pleased, just a few little nit picks...

                They were out of the Curry Short Rib dish. I love Curry and I had to try theirs. I loved it for the flavor, but it was a hair too spicy even more for me (and I asked for medium as well!), so it wasn't as balanced an experience a I hoped.

                Second, P. ordered the Duck and Risotto combo. I had seen pictures of it before and were a bit surprised by how stingy the duck portion was. The Risotto was perfect however, even better than the one had at Pizzicotto a few weeks ago.

                As mentioned it was CRAZY busy (and they were not shy in turning people away saying their was a 1 1/2 hour wait), so I recommend reservations.


                1. re: HBGigi

                  Thanks for reporting back. Which dish did you have Gigi? I'm glad you had a good experience.

                  And Dommy, I'm sorry your experience wasn't perfect. I wonder why they were so stingy w/the duck. When I got my CSB w/risotto, I was quite surprised at how generous they fish was. Hmmm....

                  1. re: OCAnn

                    I had the Scallops and Risotto and absolutely loved it. I did get to taste DH's Osso Buco and found it delightful as well. We all ate every bite of what was served to us (an unusual event) and all felt too stuffed to even consider dessert.

            2. I'm a little late to the party but, I was just here again and yes it is still good. I think the osso buco is the best choice here. No really good vegetarian options. Desserts kinda suck, we usually go drive down to Bella Terra mall for Pinkberry.

              More info: The waitresses and clientele are really hot, young Asian kids in their 20's. There is invariably a Lotus or Lamborghini parked outside of this unassuming little cafe. Great place for people watching, to say the least.