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Jan 31, 2008 01:15 PM

New place in Ballard

Anyone heard anything about the new place going in at.. Cleopatra Drive (or something like that) and 65th, in Ballard? It's like one block east of of 8th, right on 65th. Looks like it was a house that is being converted. There's a nice covered stairway and the sign on the awning says Il Giardino. Sign on the window says "Open soon." Wondering if there's any chow-scoop yet.

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  1. i'm pretty sure it is open now. i'm interested in a report about that and that new tiger tail place next to crash landing pizza a block to the east. if it weren't for my pesky toddler offspring i'd be to both places in a thrice but i can't go out on a whim anymore. that strip between 3rd and 8th on 65th (nw) is becoming densely packed with places to eat and drink. someone is bound to come up with a (not so) clever name for the area any second.

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    1. re: ericlutzker

      [not] clever name for that area ... it's called the 65th Street Gulch!

      1. re: flexi

        i bow to the accumulated weight of chow-opinion: it must not be open yet. but i like that strip being a gulch. what creek are we talking? piper's creek is north of there i think. i used to live in garlic gulch in portland.

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        I went to the Tiger Tail maybe a month ago and I liked it. They have a limited menu of small plates that are a bit on the expensive side, but good. We had a char sui that was good, edamame and something else that I'm forgetting. They also have a limited wine by the glass selection. The seating was a little uncomfortable, but the place is really pretty. My biggest complaint was the cost - if they came down a bit for the small plates, I'd be more likely to return.

      3. If it is open now, it's been in the past couple days, as I tend to drive by it daily and haven't noticed it open yet.

        That said, Tiger Tail's owner said it's a nice guy/people opening the place and he's thrilled to have another new restaurant opening (almost) right next door.

        Speaking of which, going in right next to Tiger Tail is apparently a "growler bar"...

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        1. re: jaydeflix

          It didn't look open to me today.

          What's a growler bar?

          1. re: christy319

            Remember >>

            Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts,
            Oh, Lord, how they could love,
            Swore to be true to each other,
            True as the stars above,
            He was her man
            he wouldn't do her wrong.

            "Frankie went down to the corner,
            Just for a bucket of beer"...?

            These days many bars sell beer in 1/2 gallon "Growlers" to go,and not buckets, but that's progress, I guess. I'm not altogether sure how this synchs with the "no open containers" law in WA State, but I know you can get a growler at Hale's Ales.

            Very funny punny for a place next Tiger Tail - I like these folks already.

            1. re: mrnelso

              I love Tiger Tail, and it's a great addition to the strip. I drive down that street many times a day as it's very near my house, and I don't think the Itailan place is open yet.

              The Reading Gaol has trivia on Mondays, the Tin Hat does Taco Tuesdays, and Molly McGuire's has stuff almost every night. Stop by my 'hood sometime!!!

        2. We decided to try Il Giardino tonight. We live within walking distance so even with the rain we hoofed it to dinner. Bright on the outside, dim on the inside, we had our hopes up for this new place. The place was about 2/3 full when we arrived so we had three choices for a table for two. We chose a seat in the back room and the bus boy seated us with menus but no wine list. He then came back with a carafe of water, but no water glasses. We were still hopeful, though. He did come back with water glasses a while later, the waiter showed up at last, and we did get a wine list too. Long, long, long story short: you know it's not looking good when the highlights are the bread and the wine, or should I go with, you know it's not good when you can't tell the difference between the gnocchi and the halibut. Perhaps they aren't ready for a full hose, which is what they had by the time we left. Maybe it's an all-in-the-family affair, so they make due with how grandma makes gnocchi and how cousin what's-his-name waits tables, either way, we;re not expecting this pretty but lacking place to last. We had our liquid dessert at Tigertail and it was GOOD.