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Jan 31, 2008 01:04 PM

Anniversary Dinner

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary in a few weeks. We're big foodies and our favorite restaurants are smaller and intimate. Great design and service are huge pluses. Our most recent favorite spots are Dell'Anima, Allen & Delancey, Bar Blanc, Apizz, and Gusto. I made reservations at 5 places I've never been to - which should I choose?

Market Table (but I could only get a late reservation)
Il Buco

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  1. If you can only get a late reservation at Market Table, I'd say skip it. I didn't like it as much as Little Owl, and I'm not sure it's special enough for an anniversary celebration. I haven't been to the others.

    1. I would agree about Market Table, it is a good restaurant, but not that special. I would say, given the restaurants that you list above, consider adding Perilla. I have had some great meals there, and it is small and intimate.

        1. re: rrems

          I agree - Market Table is good but I don't think it is what you are looking for. If you are looking for romantic and good food...there is always One If By Land or Daniel on 65th and Park. Both are intimate settings with very high quality food and excellent wine lists.

          1. re: skepner169

            I can't imagine anyone describing Daniel as "intimate." The main dining room is very large, with two-tier seating, and very fancy-schmancy decor. Yes, the cuisine is superb, but when it comes to cost, it would be way more expensive than any of the places iform2001 is considering. Overall, it's on an entirely different level, i.e., very upscale haute cuisine.

            As for OIBL, while it may have romantic ambiance, the consensus on this board is that the food is mediocre at best.

            1. re: RGR

              I agree 100%. I would never pick OIBL or Daniel - it's not our speed. Although we rarely venture uptown unless we're meeting friends, I'm leaning towards Dovetail.