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Jan 31, 2008 12:57 PM

Dim Sum Cafe - San Gabriel Superstore

I just had lunch there. It's a great selection, prices sure can't be beat, everything seemed like it was well made and tasty; but everything was either cold and coagulated, cool, or at best room temperature. The pan fried dumplings were nearly inedible. The cha siu soh (baked bbq pork pastries) were also horrible. The steamed dumplings held up the best, but still... It should have all been hot, or at least warm, it was the height of lunch hour and the place was doing a brisk business.

I've been before and it has been better, although still not as good and piping hot as the best dim sum is. I'm thinking it might be best to go there, get stuff to takeaway and then reheat it at home. What sort of dim sum do you think reheats the best?

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  1. Anything that is steamed reheats the best (esp. if you keep the sauce separate).

    Anything fried does not reheat well. The worst might be those sesame balls.

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      That's what I was thinking. Shame about those shrimp balls with the fried flakes on the outside. I was there once and had them fresh and they were fantastic, but the other times they've been leaden and cold.

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        I actually like the brown rice cakes cold (straight out of the fridge). They go well with a nice cup of latte.

      2. Can't go wrong with steamed items to reheat. Sesame balls are the worst to microwave reheat unless you like soggy oily yuck. Char siu baos are great to individually wrap in small plastic sandwich bags and freeze. Pop them bag and all in a microwave for less than a minite and it's just as fresh as you bought it. I just bought some last weekend and had a couple for lunch today.

        1. I did take out from there last week, and the steamed items reheated well -- I cheated and did a faux steam --wrapped the items in wet papertowels in the microwave. The rice noodle with shrimp was excellent and came back perfectly, as did the har gow and pan fried chicken dumplings. The steamed bao, would have been better truly steamed --but it (the huge house bao) was very good anyway.

          Agree on the baked bao -- just awful (the bun dough was just wrong). The garlic black bean spare ribs were off too.

          The prices and excitment at the counter were definitely worth the trip, plus most of what we ordered was tasty, and would order again.

          1. For wrapped dim, I generally steam them to heat them up. The wrapping sometimes gets tough and dry if you leave it out too long. Microwaving is OK, but I don't it works as well.

            For stuff like char siu bao, microwaves are usually better, because steaming it makes it soggy.

            Fried stuff does not fare well. Reheating in a toaster oven is probably your best bet.

            1. Only items I like from Dim Sum Cafe are pan-fried taro cake and turnip cake.