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Jan 31, 2008 12:39 PM

Villa Mosconi, Campanile?

What is the atmosphere like at Villa Mosconi? Is it as bare as Campanile? While I agree that the food is very good at Campanile, I'm planning a baby shower and am looking for a warm atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. Villa Mosconi is much more busy and alive than Campanile. They are not the same at all. The food at both places is excellent, I have eaten at both places, but the atmosphere is not the same at all. It has like three separate rooms and I only went once but I think it gets more clientele than Campanile because of its location. On the night we went there, the restaurant was almost full. The service is excellent also. Our waiter was very nice, he even brought us tiramisu on the house!

    1. Villa Mosconi is a little threadbare and the tables are crowded together. Even when the restaurant isn't full, it is very loud, for some reason (bad acoustics, perhaps). I personally did not like the food very well at all. The last time I was dragged there, my chicken parmesan was a disaster of dry meat served with tomato sauce from a jar or can and smothered with equally low grade cheese.

      Haven't been to Campanile, so I have no basis of comparison.

      Do you have your heart set on Italian food?

      1. I have never thought of Campanile as "bare." I feel the somewhat old-fashioned ambiance is quite warm and inviting. Added to the delicious food and the welcoming, capable staff, it all equals what I consider to be a neighborhood "hidden gem."

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          On the topic of Campanile--of Villa Berulia, Trio, Da Ciro and Campanile, which do you prefer? How do you rank them (if tried all)? I tried Campanile 2 weeks ago and felt the place bare and food just ok. Not worth a repeat visit. I appreciate your opinion.

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            eve, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't care for Campanile.

            We had dinner once at Villa Berulia. While the ambiance was nice, I found the food very disappointing.

            We have eaten at Trio a number of times. It is owned by the same family as Villa Berulia. Very pleasing, clubby ambiance, and I especially liked sitting in the cozy booths. The cuisine is not Italian but, rather, Mediterranean. Actually, what particularly drew us there in the first place and kept us coming back were the delicious Croatian specialities on the menu. (The owners are from Croatia.) Sadly, over time, they've dropped just about all of them from the menu -- the fabulous strukli are gone! :-( -- so we haven't been back in quite a while.

            We've never been to Da Ciro.

            Edited to add: I just took a look at Villa Berulia's menu and was shocked -- in a good way -- to discover that they're serving those Croatian specialties. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. I will certainly be going there asap to get a platter of the sensational mixed sausages and, of course, the to-die-for strukli!


            1. re: RGR

              Trio was sold by the family 1 year ago.
              The owners are the same as Villa Berulia.
              For this reason, they transported those wonderful Croatian dishes there.
              The strukli is better than ever.
              As for trio, its now owned by irish guys. Totally different food, and bright yellow decor. Completely different.