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Jan 31, 2008 12:35 PM

Greg Cox N&O-reviews and ratings [Moved from South board]

I'm officially starting a Greg Cox post that will hopefully be updated weekly by the Triangle foodie community. I'd love to see some critiques from everyone on his writing style and choices in stars for reviewed restaurants.

Let's start the posting with tomorrow's review. Maybe we'll see another japanese-steakouse or better yet, a fast food chain.

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  1. It'd be easiest if you put up a link when it goes live.

    1. I mentioned a few months ago that I was flabbergasted by how all his reviews seem rose-colored. But others pointed out that you need to read between the lines and look at the number of stars he's given, and that does help a lot. Still and all, I don't think it does the area much good to seem like a taste-less flunky for every place that opens. The area has a lot of great places and deserves the kind of respect that is shown by honest criticism.

      1. Who not just post to his blog? He seems to welcome responses to each review.

        1. I think his reviews are fair. I may not agree with them all, just as I don't agree with a lot of posts here or on other boards. One thing he does right is keep his visits anonymous, unlike most of the Triangle bloggers.

          1. I have very mixed reviews about Greg Cox's style of reviewing. Too many times it seems as though a couple of important aspects are left out. While he does spend a lot of space 'painting a picture' of what the inside of the restaurant looks like, he does not give specific prices on items. Too often the service of a restaurant is reduced to one or two sentences. I have been to many of the restaurants that he has reviewed, granted at times it may be months after the review, and am left wondering if I am in the same place he was. I have not been to the restaurant reviewed today, Pit (?)something , in downtown Raleigh on Davie street. Has anyone else?

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              There are reviews of The Pit on the South board, and it's getting pretty good reviews on CH as well. But, it's Ed Mitchell of Mitchell's in Wilson. Cox is probably going to give it a great review, but it's probably going to be well-deserved. Mitchell has always made great Q.

              1. re: winedine

                Re: not giving prices, I don't have an issue with that. Prices at restaurants change frequently, and the last thing a restaurant needs is a customer insisting they should get a dish for X price because "Greg said so". I think that he also probably wants people to make a dining selection based more on quality/service/atmosphere than price. I agree with you, though, re: service details - they're essential.

                1. re: winedine

                  I've only interacted with Greg a tiny bit many years ago- he suggested via e-mail some taquerias in Durham to check out when I was up there.

                  I was just going to mention not to discount the influence of editing on the tone of his reviews. I know one local ATL writer who's told me that what's written and what's printed are often very different.