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Has anyone used Gebhardts Chili Powder?

I saw this ingredient in the $25k chili recipe post and wondered if anyone has used it.

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  1. Yes, it's the only chili powder I use.

    1. I like it, my family is so used to the taste that they don't care for it made with any other kind.

      1. It is very good and adds a lot of flavor.

        1. Arguably the most reliable and consistent chili powder on the market. I've used it for more years than I''m willing to tell anyone here about! Good stuff.

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              I have used several red chile powders from different brands...none of them gives better results than Gebhardts.

            2. Gebhardt's is the best and is what I've always used when I can get it. However, it isn't quite hot enough for me now, so I add some cayenne pepper as well. It's originally from Texas like me! The chili powder here in Germany where I live now isn't very hot and just doesn't have the flavor of Gebhardt's, but it's what we have here.

              1. I use it all the time, and it is one of my secret ingredients. 2 summers ago, I got tired of all the stupid, dusty, tasteless chili powders from Andronicos (SF Bay Area). I tried probably a dozen chili mixes, and only Gebhardt's and Shelby met with my approval.

                I used to have a nice cookbook of recipes from the International Chili Society (I lent it to someone, and never got it back; D'Oh). Many of the award winning recipes used Gebhardt's as a base.

                I note that this is not a complete thing onto itself. I add many special, secret, proprietary ingredients that I will not reveal. However, this mix by itself does not have the heat or depth of flavor of a championship chili mix. You have to add other chili's to complete the flavor, e.g.
                fresh scotch bonnet or habanero

                1. I use a blend of powders in my chili, but my anchor is Gebhardts for sure. It's nothing fancy, just a good smoky chili powder.

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                    The important thing to remember is that "chili powder", such as Gebhardt's is really a blend of spices, including chilis. Powdered chili, on the other hand, is just that, dried, powdered chilis.

                  2. yes it is the same as the other reply s AWESOME ingredient smooth flavor for making meat dishes.The only one to use Nic

                    1. Wouldn't make a BBQ rub without it...Period!!!

                      1. It is the original compound to have been sold commercially as "Chili Powder", and to my taste easily the best of the lot. Mexene was what my mom used, added after the liquid and then put on the table as a condiment to season the tomato-hamburger soup she called "chili". Bless her heart... But Gebhardt's, fried until dark brown in fat, with the meat, before the liquid is put in, is the best flavoring I know for making the chili I love. I don't know who makes the stuff that comes in the Carroll Shelby chili kits, but it's the same color as Gebhardt's and pretty damn good too.

                        1. Just purchased a container and I feel it is very ho-hum. I always mix my own taco spice to keep the sodium down, using chili powder as the main ingredient. The Gebhardt brand would be perfect for little old ladies who don't like strong flavors.

                          In my experience, chili powder is like horseradish or dijon mustard in that it will lose it's heat/depth/flavor on the shelf over time. Perhaps that is why mine is so bland, but I won't risk another bottle.

                          I usually buy chili powder from a bulk food section. Ask the clerk if you can taste it. Your nose and tongue will tell you what you like. (Some chili powders are screaming hot). To date, the best chili powder I've found was in a yellow no-name bag purchased at an exorbitantly priced corner store. Go figure!

                          1. Yes, and I find that the Gephardt's has a greater depth of flavor than the store brands but is not terribly hot. So for my regular chili con carne recipe that calls for 4 tbs of chili powder, I use 5 tbs of the Gebhart's.

                            1. like all my life, it's the only one I consistently buy

                              1. Gehardts is where I part company with most Texans I know. I prefer Morton's Chili Blend for a quick & dirty chili.

                                1. Gebhardts is the only chili powder I will use. My dad used it exclusively when I was growing up and I continue the tradition. The chili recipe he had called for a tablespoon of powder, but he used the entire bottle (a large one). It was sizzlin' hot and the best chili i ever ate!

                                  1. Wow, this is an old post that popped up, I'll put my view on it. If your looking for that authentic canned "chilly con carney" taste, Gebhardt's the one!