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Oct 1, 2001 09:23 PM

Pandaria/Vermont & Pico

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Okay, now be gentle... I know nothing on this topic.

Today as I was driving down Pico I saw this huge bakery at the corner of Vermont, and pulled over. I've never frequented Mexican bakeries (and for all I know this isn't even Mexican, it could be Salvarodian or....?)

At the counter are silver trays and tongs -- pick up one of each and then walk down the length of the shop. Almost all the sweets are piled into this huge, serve yourself case -- pick what you want, bring the tray to the counter where they ring it up and bag it.

I bought an individual chocolate sweetbread (recommended by a nine year old girl who swore it was her favorite thing there, it wasn't mine); a loaf that tasted of almonds and oranges, it had a thick, sticky cake consistancy (cake/macaroons) and I brought it home to share with my daughter but she's not here so she loses; flan (I'd give it a 6), and a triangle of rasberry crumb cake that ranks up there with the orange/almond loaf.

Two out of four were divine! Oh, and did I happen to mention that those four things cost about the same as half of a piece of pastry from Sweet Lady Jane?


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  1. How Wonderful! Sounds like the bakery I used to go to in Tijuana. I like the sugar cookes that crumble into a million sugary pieces when you eat them, and the *non-chocolate* sweet bread.

    Great to know there's one nearby!

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      I'm not the spelling czar, but this is LA and many of your neighbors speak Spanish. Panaderia is bakery in that language, of course.

      1. re: Just once

        Spelling was never my strong point, even in English. Thank you.

    2. The format you describe (self-serve using tongs and trays) is similar to that used in a lot of the Chinese bakeries both here in L.A. and other parts of the country. For example, try Kee Wah in Monterey Park (nr. Rite Aid at Atlantic and Garvey) for such items as dim sum filled with hot dogs or ham and eggs!