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Jan 31, 2008 12:06 PM

PF Changs-type Chinese in NYC

I am disgracing my obsession with food right now.

Does anyone know of a place that is similar to PF Changs? Nice, trendy atmosphere with cheap faux-Chinese food?

Cheap, as in less than $50 per person. None of these $25 dishes.


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  1. i won't tell any one ... Buddakan? Chinatown Brasserie? Ruby Foo's?

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    1. re: bdurrett

      I was thinking Chinatown Brasserie - based on a dim sum lunch that I did enjoy there - but I think it is above the OP's price point, unless no alcohol and eats less than we do.

      1. Go to Ruby Foo's, then take a hot shower in a crouched position, and recite an Act of Contrition. After that, all will be absolved.

        1. Ruby Foo's ... but it's about 1000 times better than your local mall's PF Chang's.

          Buddakan -- no way. Not even close, and certainly not in the price range.

          Chinatown Brasserie -- bad food. Skip it.

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          1. re: gekko

            Ruby Foos (which is not just Chinese but seemingly any type of "Asian") is a good bet. It's actually much better than PF Chang's but still falls somewhat within the same style and suits your price range.

          2. Forget Buddakhan and Buddah Bar....both are the cuisine you are looking for but not the pricing. Ruby Foo's though - either midtown or Upper West Side is more what you are looking for if you are trying to stay in that price range. Buddakhan and Buddah Bar are both great atmosphere and a ton of fun but a big price tag comes with that. You are paying for the prestige and the experience there.


            1. Okay it's not P F Chang, but if you go to Amazing 66 in Chinatown and order tourist type dishes, it can be similar. And much cheaper!

              For my (mixed) views on P F Chang, see