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Oct 1, 2001 09:21 PM

Moun Of Tunis..or???

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The last time I went to Moun of Tunis it was just OKAY.

I was looking for a CHOWHOUND update on the place before I take people there possbly later this month.

I would like a reccomendation of another Morrocan place if "Tunis" is not as good as it used to be...

Thanks! - Bob

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  1. On the subject of Moroccan, there is a place called, and I might not get this completely right, Cafe Momo/______ (something moroccan sounding) on Westwood between Pico and Olympic on the east side.

    Anybody ever been there?

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    1. re: SusanB

      I've been there and I can't remember the name either. It was ok. I've never been to Moun of Tunis so I can't compare. I do recall liking that one in the Valley (famous place) as a kid.

      1. re: Alexis

        Moons of Tunis is fairy mediocre at best and yes the belly dancers are cheesy and you feel like bad if you dont tip them. The food at Dar-mahgrab up the street is better, but more expensive and same belly dancers. There is a new Moroccian place opening soon in Los Feliz called Tangier. There is also a place in Silverlake on Hyperian called Cameux (sp?) that is quasi -Moroccian. Nothing so far that is the same as Morocco....

    2. Robertson Blvd. between Wilshire and Burton Way, East Side of Street.

      Went there a couple months ago, nice ambiance, extremely friendly service, had excellent Moroccan feast, about $23 pp for food alone.

      Sidenote: These belly dancers make me feel like I'm at a strip club: they have dollar bills stuck in their skirts (panties???) sauter up to your table and you feel really cheap unless you tip em a dollar. Anyone else feel this way?


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      1. re: GT
        Adrian Hopkins

        I absolutely agree with you there!! I also love Morrocan food, but I can't stand the belly dancing. It somehow feels very sleazy and gimmicky. On the other hand, I oddly feel much less disturbed at an actual strip bar. This is the reason I rarely ever go to Morrocan restaurants in the US, despite I enjoy the cuisine. Indeed, I always venture to the Latin Quarter every time I'm in Paris.

        So, is there any decent Morrocan places in So Cal, WITHOUT belly dancers? If not, this is all very dissapointing!

        1. re: Adrian Hopkins
          Michael Robertson Moore

          Try Koutoubia on Westwood Boulevard. Before 9 (or maybe before 8) you'll have no dancers to distract you.

      2. The Moun of Tunis on Sunset ( I don't rememberif the Venice one is still open) doesn't have belly dancers every evening. Some nights, there's a heavy guy dancing with a sword. BUT they have a private room you can reserve and you can request that the belly dancer not entertain and it would be nice to leave her a small tip with the captain in any case ( a few bucks)

        Dar Maghreb is much more expensive but it's also more of a fantasy with the tile and fountains. Marrakesh has Moroccan/Maghrebi food and they're on Ventura in Studio City.
        Note that most of these places probably have a private room that you should be able to reserve and request no entertainment.