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Jan 31, 2008 11:35 AM

Hors d'oeuvre Suggestions for Choucroute Dinner

I'm planning to make a big choucroute next weekend. The rest of the menu will be a cheese and fruit platter and apple tart. I'm looking for hors d'oeuvres suggestions. Also, what kind of sausages do you suggest for a real Alsation choucroute? I got some saucissons a l'ail and plan to add smoked pork chops. What else?? Thanks.

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  1. when i was in Paris a few years ago, I ate at a bistro called Le Petit Machon. They served an Alsatian cheese tart as the first course. It was basically like puffy flat bread with cheese melted on top and maybe some herbs. Cheesy, salty, wonderful comfort food. I wonder if the same could be pulled off with mini flat breads? Or just make a big one and cut slices like a pizza. I don't know what cheese they used though...

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      Hmmmm....I wonder what cheese they used. I googled Alsation cheese tart but all I got were recipes for quiche. I'm kinda leaning toward goat cheese crostini with a dollop of fig jam. Not really alsation, but maybe a nice complement. Thanks for the suggestion.

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        that's weird, cause it was definitely not a dessert. But try "Alsatian". When I googled "Alsatian Cheese Tart" the first thing I got was a recipe for cheesy flatbread, but made with puff pastry.

        I'm guessing that they maybe mixed a soft cheese, maybe even small curd cottage cheese with something like shredded swiss. Whatever it was, it was excellent.

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          Found it!! In epicurious. The cheese is fromage blanc (a french kind of smooth cottage cheese) mixed with grated gruyere. I will try this recipe this week-end. Sounds yummy.

    2. This recipe sounds pretty good, and it lists all the meats:

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        This does sound good. And very authentic. The amount of meat looks rather staggering though! Thanks.