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Oct 1, 2001 06:49 PM

Claremont Dining?

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Hi, I'm from the SF chowhound board. Am visiting my daughter who goes to school in Claremont. Any suggestions for dinner tomorrow? I have been to Walter's for lunch and out once to dinner at Harvard Square. Any interesting places in the area? Thanks.

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  1. In the same block as Walter's is Yianni's, a longstanding, reliable Greek restaurant. If your taste buds will venture to the Mediterranean, it's worth a look.
    Still on that block is Espiau's, an old-style Cal-Mex place with one of the tastier dinner salads in my memory. My parents used to take me there as a kid when the restaurant was in Pomona.

    So she goes to school in Claremont? Sorry she couldn't get into a better school like Redlands (just kidding ;^) I have to bash other SCIAC schools when given an opening. Rah rah Redlands!)

    Please report back on how your dinner went, wherever you wind up going.


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    1. re: Kriss Reed

      As a graduate of Pomona College, Redlands has always been second class.

      I heard that a Hero's opened up in Claremont. I've been to the Hero's in Fullerton once and had a great time. Food was great. Small isn't in their vocabulary at Hero's. Portions are huge. I had the halibut and steamed veggies. The halibut was so fresh and tasty. My wife had the New York steak. Good prices. The bill for my wife and I came to about $50 which included two large sized beers. They had something like 125 beers on tap. Nothing really fancy about the place just good food. But watch out for the peanut shells on the floor as you walk in.

      1. re: Schudog

        As loyal a Bulldog as I am, I won't get far disparaging the fine Claremont Colleges. Redlands is far from 2nd Class, though ;^)

        I ate at the Heroes in La Verne last weekend. Same menu as the ones in Claremont and Fullerton, and more room inside. The chicken taco salad could make two meals for the big eater, three for the tamer among us. Yes, the beer selection is epic. I chased down the nuts and the salad with a Stone Smoked Porter. Great stuff. Heroes will stay on my regular list as long as they keep doing what they do best.

        1. re: Kriss

          What do they do best? Is this better than the usual chain eatery? And is it appropropriate for a 14 yo?

          1. re: Anne H.

            What Heroes does rarely rises to culinary art, but they come through when you're hungry for a big dose of quality food. Their salads are as huge as everything else, but surprisingly healthy. The chicken taco salad has all white meat, and the dressing is their salsa, virtually non-fat. Sure, it may take you 3 sittings to finish it, but you're eating healthy. As for teen appropriateness, it would be no problem.

            1. re: Anne H.

              Hero's does good food in large portions best. It is much better IMO than Claim Jumper or TGI Fridays or Chili's.

              I would say going around dinner time Hero's is fine for a 14 year old. But after 9pm or so it's more of a beer drinking crowd so I don't think it would be appropropriate for a 14 year old.

        2. re: Kriss Reed

          Thanks chowhounds for the quick replies!

          My daughter actually goes to the Webb Schools, which is a boarding high school, she's only 14. After this, I expect she will go to any college she wants (fingers crossed).

          Eating out down here is really different from SF, and people have different tastes it seems to me. We ate at Claimjumper a few nights back, near Cherry Valley. I never usually eat at this type of place. While the food was better than I expected, the portions were obscenely large.

          Since you want I report, I must mention the unusual dining experience we had at Harvard Square a month ago. So pleasant to eat outside on a nice night. We were looking over the wine list and liked one bottle of Chardonnay, but it was $45 and my sister said she didn't know if she wanted to spend that much. The waiter quickly offered to sell it for $35 (hush, hush he said). We were startled but readily agreed. We also ordered an appetizer for 4 of us to share right away. Well the waiter, who did appear professional, knocked over my sisters wine glass. He said he couldn't open another bottle of that wine, but offered to comp her dinner. We agreed, surprised. Then the appetizer never came and it had been some time since we ordered the entrees, so we were afraid it would come too late, but he said don't worry, it's coming now and I'll pick up the tab on that! Entrees came and were good, though I can't remember what they were any more. I think a steak, the salmon, a pasta and something unusual. Then the waiter brought us a round of wine by the glass! We ordered coffee, but it never came. We were afraid to order dessert.

          We never got upset because we were in really good spirits and the waiter was charming despite his flaws. At the end of the evening were were really laughing our asses off. I bought dinner for four for less that $99 including that really good bottle of wine, and we left him a generous cash tip. Too much.

        3. Fellow Claremont grads! Wow, I had no idea there were some on Chowhound.

          In the Village, I've always liked the tapas bar called Viva Madrid. It's tucked behind some stores, and is easily missed if you're not looking for it. Great ambience, good service, I highly recommend it. Also enjoyed Hero's. Large portions of American food (steaks, meatloaf, etc), great for leftovers in the dorms. Be prepared for a wait though since it's a tiny place. And finally, there's the Italian place on the corner called Tutti Mangia. Very decent Italian, and more of an upscale place like Harvard Square.