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Jan 31, 2008 11:09 AM

Harvest on Hudson - How's the Food?

I'm trying to plan a private dinner party for my dad's 75th birthday, and Harvest on Hudson looks like it has a really nice menu. The reviews seem so mixed -- I'm wondering if people are forgiving bad food for good views. The dinner would be at night in the winter, so the view wouldn't be so important. The food is important, though.

If anyone has any additional suggestions in Westchester, Bergen or Manhattan -- Dad's tastes run to Felidia's, but my bank account would like me to stay in the 50pp range. Looking to host 20-25 people (all adults) in a private dining room.

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  1. I ate there a few months ago. I thought the food was good. Four appetizers and four entrees were all good. The Desserts were just ok. The winelist was lame......

    1. Food is mediocre. It's the setting and the view that make this place. Middle of winter, dinner and seeking good food I'd explore elsewhere. I think Peter Kelly's places may be above the price point your quoting but check with them about a prixe fixe. Any of them - Xaviers and Restaurant X are in Rockland but pretty close to where you'd like and X20 is in Yonkers. All would be a wonderful place for a 75th - or any birthday for that matter.

      I haven't been but hear really good things about Red Hat, Irvington, in a new improved location.

      1. Not as good as the view. But good, depending on what you order.