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Jan 31, 2008 10:40 AM

OC-near performing arts center

need restaurant recommendations near the performing arts center, other than Mastros, Turner NZ Savannah Chop House and Scotts...preferably for pre-show nibbles, rather than full there someplace wonderful I'm forgetting about?

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  1. You could do Marche Moderne in South Coast Plaza, for some appetizers
    There's also Hamamori, a new sushi spot in Crystal Court (yes, I know they pretend that it's part of South Coast Plaza now), that I've read some favorable reviews for here on Chowhound, and in OC weekly and the register.
    You could also try Anjin for some japanese bbq (yakiniku).
    Another new place I've yet to try that has received favorable reviews is Mesa, over on Baker and Bristol.
    *These recs are not really w/in walking distance of the PAC

    1. The Clubhouse right outside of Bloomingdales is a great place for pre-show bites. They also have a great martini menu. I highly recommend Presidental Martini (it comes with amazing blue cheese stuffed olives).