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Jan 31, 2008 10:34 AM

Mortons me decide

hello all!

mortons has 2 specials

1. $99 for 2. 2 single cut filets. choice of 2 : shrimp, crab cake, scallops. 2 salads, 1 potato, 1 veggie and 2 deserts. all for $99 total
2. $69 per person: single cut filet, etiher lobster tail or king crab. a side of asparagus, a salad

now..i plan on taking my lady friend. just having a hard time deciding between the two choices.
hoping all of you can help me decide!


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  1. We have had the 1. choice twice now and it's been great. I like the crab cakes over the shrimp appetizer and the filet's were wonderful. Dessert was the lava cake. They had to bring the wheelbarrow over to take me out to the car afterwards.

    Enjoy and write it up for the board, whatever you choose.

    1. My short answer is to ask your lady friend what she wants, and why are you asking anyone else......

      but given the choices, I would go got the Option # 2......Traditional Surf & Turf......

      1. there's more options in choice're really just choosing between the seafood options...and while I love lobster and crab, I hate shelling it...especially on a date, so for me-if its not already shelled, then its an easy choice. I'm assuming you're not asking your date because you want to surprise her? otherwise...ask! and do post the results.

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          1. re: bigredd

            Agree. Also, their tomato n' bleu cheese appetizer is effin' good. And I'm not a tomato person.

        1. thanks guys. i guess im really wondering if theri lobster or crab legs are really that good to warrent the option #2 (since its about $40 more total, and none of the seafood appetizers). if their lobster tail is not that great, i would definitely go for #1

          1. The first deal is much better from a $$$ pov...

            Better question might be, how will your girlfriend feel about whipping out a coupon during the meal and limiting her dining choices? Me...I'm married so it's not an issue.

            Good luck!

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            1. re: manku

              They don't ask you for any no stigma attached.

              1. re: Servorg

                Must me a change...I've had to show printout in the past.

                FWIW, Ruth Chris has an excellent $34 ladine promotion for the next two weeks. Personally, never been a fan of RC, but I know many love it and prefer it to Mortons.

                1. re: manku

                  hahaha..this lady friend i refer to is my gf of 6 years. this question should not be answered with my date in mind.heheh she wont care which one we do.
                  i just want to know from all you chowhounds, which deal you would rather do. i for one am leaning towards option 1. but i am always intrigued by lobster tail, since i love it and hardly have it due to its high costs (although Lawry's lobster tail as always been good to me at a decent price!)

                  1. re: samtron608

                    Speaking specifically of the Lobster Tail. I have never been a fan of Frozen tails no mater where they originated from. When I was very young, Brazilians were the best...then South Africans...... and Now Australians.......

                    Australian Tails are tasteless and rubbery....very rubbery if not cooked perfectly. Maine Lobster is the only way to go for me.

                  2. re: manku

                    I mentioned when booking via Open Table that we were coming for the special and when the waiter was standing there he asked if we were still going to have the special. Never asked me for any printed certificate. Good thing too as I left it at home.