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Jan 31, 2008 10:30 AM

Salad ideas?

I’m having a friend over for dinner tonight and I’m making a chili-rubbed pork tenderloin with a corn salsa and sweet potato fries. I think a big bowl of salad might needed but I have no idea what to put in it. Any ideas? I usually make pretty lame salads. Only restrictions are no nuts and no bell peppers. Thanks!

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  1. This salad has gone over well with quite a few people.

    1. I always think fruit with pork. How about avocado slices and orange segments with a light lime vinaigrette in a butter lettuce cup or actually any greens underneath. Something cool to balance the spices.

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        I like this idea. The avocado sounds great.

      2. This might not work with your dish tonight but lately I have been asked to bring salad to pot lucks and I wanted to take it to the "next level" LOL. This has been a big hit.

        Basil Dressing:
        4 T. each both olive oil and vegetable oil
        1.5 T each both red wine and balsamic vinagar
        1 clove garlic minced
        1 tsp dijon mustard
        1 T basil paste concentrated or 1 cup basil leaves chopped up
        Mix all together. If using fresh leaves, crush and mix well into dressing to get the oil essences

        Salad I use any type of leaf lettuce and add chopped mozerella/provelone/swiss as well as crumble some feta cheese. Additionally I add shredded (by hand) procuitto (Italian cured ham) Make sure to remove any fat first.
        I also add chopped almonds I roasted beforehand but obviously for your purposes you can omit this.

        Alternatively if I want to make a quick salad and serve it french style I do basic salad with dressing and add goat cheese (my best results are cut into circular discs, dipped in egg and breadcrumb and flash grilled with olive oil in frypan...can be made ahead and reheated in toaster oven)


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          Probably not for tonight but this sounds amazing. Thanks for the suggestions.

        2. My brain also went to avacado and lime with this dinner. A great salad can be pretty simple, but not necessarily lame. You could try individual arranged salads, like a bed of chopped Romaine lettice, for the crunch. Top with some sliced avacado, add a few halved cherry or grape tomatoes, some chopped scallions, sea salt and freshly cracked pepper and lime vingerette or just fresh squeezed lime juice and a few drops of good olive oil. A few sprigs of cilantro.

          1. I make a salad with baby spinach, diced mango and candied pecans. Obviously you can leave out the nuts. The dressing is just olive oil and balsamic vinegar, about 3 to 1 ration with a dash of salt and pepper. You could add. You could add some sliced red onion in place of the nuts.

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              You might be able to substitute pumpkin seeds (pepitos sp?) for the nuts.