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Oct 1, 2001 04:02 PM

"Authentic Japanese"

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I think that many of people who visit this discussion board missed the following article last month.


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    Carolyn Tillie

    OHMYGOD.... This is the neighborhood I work in and I only knew about half of these places!

    Fun for me! I'll be checking out every one to complete my education...

    1. Sanuki No Sato is very good indeed and has many attractive and delicious small plates. Some personal favorites I've had there are the stewed tripe, ankimo sashimi, a scallop dish I had about a year ago which was the best scallop dish I ever had (and I really don't think scallops are too special), and a pungent, fatty broiled cod. Oh, and they have good salted squid and kimpira too and a bunch of other plates that have slipped my mind.

      Otafaku has the best udon and soba around. I just wish their hours were a little later. Plus their closed 'almost' all weekend.

      1. I must add that I've also been to Tsukiji and was less than impressed. Service was dreadfully and I mean dreadfully slow! It took about 15 minutes to get green tea, and we had to wait between 10-15 minutes for each new order of sushi at the bar. And there were only like 8 people total!
        Yet I could easily overlook all that, if the sushi lived up to the hype, which it didn't. The ankimo, uni, amaebi, and oyster were all quite good, although I've had just as good quality at numerous other sushi bars. Ikura was a too salty and had an off taste and texture, lacking any pop. The toro wasn't really even toro since it wasn't pink or fatty at all but fairly red (and I don't want maguro cause I think it's boring and bland), the saba was too soft and warm with hardly any vinegar taste and my mother and I both felt it was old. hamachi, also oddly too soft and warm. My mother also ordered engawa and the portion was so thin and lacked any defining flavor. I ordered several other things which I can't recall, mainly cause I wanted to forget this experience. Plus the price was over $100 for snail paced service and extrmely mediocre sushi?! Thanks, but I'll pass on this one.

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          Richard Foss

          Sushi has never been Tsukiji's strength. They do have some good Kansai-style cooked seafood dishes, though.

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          Richard Foss

          They missed my favorite, Teppan Kamizidori, at the corner of Lomita and Crenshaw. I have been to most of the others they listed. Hakata Ramen is quite good, as is sister restaurant Shin Sen Gumi. I'm surprised that the reviewer didn't list the really weird Japanese restaurant on Western that specializes in the dinners traditionally served before sumo matches...