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Jan 31, 2008 10:07 AM

The Best Spanikopita in Montreal?

Hey does anyone know where to get the best spanikopita? I love this spinach and feta cheese pastry! Thanks!

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  1. I like the baked goods at Afroditi, the prettiest Greek bakery in Parc-Extension. They have two kinds of spanakopita - the spanakopita phyllo and the spanakopita zimi - that would be the one in more a bread-dough type casing, I believe.

    Pâtisserie Afroditi
    756, rue St-Roch
    Montréal Qc H3N 1L3

    Tél: 514.274.5302

    Yes, I love them too. In an old Greek cookbook I have (put out by a Church group) they also have a leek and feta pastry.

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    1. re: lagatta

      Afroditi is my favorite Greek pastry shop! Have not tried their spanakopita yet, now I'll look for it, thanks.

    2. Nice! I'll be sure to check it out!

      1. i love afroditi! their cheesecake and tiramisu are delicious. i'll have to admit that i never tried their spanakopita, only their tiropita... i loved it as a kid, but lately i've been getting my spinach and feta fix across the street from (and to the right of) afroditi at the turkish pastry shop called efes. i think the turkish version is called borek, but it's very similar, if not the same as, spanakopita. they also have a spicy chicken version that is very good.

        efes: 689, rue st-roch

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          I haven't been to Efes. What other Turkish specialities do they have?

          Oh, I'm so looking forward to getting my bicycle out - I can be there in ten minutes by bicycle - either public transport or walking is much longer.

          While in Parc Ex, also up to Liège for Armenian specialities!

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            i haven't really payed attention to the other things they offer... i'm usually in and out. it's a really tiny place, but i know they have cookies. people mainly go there for the boreks.

            for the armenian offerings, are you taking about arouch? i haven't been there in ages!

        2. I'm so glad you asked this. I was craving spanikopita like no other yesterday. I've passed by Afroditi countless times, but now I'll know I have to stop in.

          I was wondering, are there any greek restaurants that have decent spanikopita? My boyfriend and I want to try some a good place where I can get some good veggie options outside rice/potatoes/salad.