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Jan 31, 2008 10:04 AM

Fabulous Sushi 930

Hi all,

I'm new to the board and thought I might begin by recommending a seemingly modest sushi establishment. I've eaten Sushi all over the world and am very picky about it. In light of this, I think that this place is a real find. It is a tiny little hole in the wall on king street (930 King West to be exact) that took the place of a crappy sushi establishment (Fuji Sushi). Its not a place to sit down really but a place to get unusually great sushi to take home or to the office.

I've been a half dozen times and have to say that it is just excellent. The chef brings much of his fish in from Japan weekly (Wed/Thurs are the best days to go). The fish is truly out of sight, the preparation and rice are top notch. He often has blue fin toro which is very hard to find in Toronto. I would certainly say that the sushi is easily on par with Kaji. His prices are very reasonable. It feels like a real find.

I hope that this finds the sushi lovers out there.

- J

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  1. when did they get the website?

    there's a typo on the sakura (sashimi)... it says 6pcs for 7 kinds of fish but really it has 20 pcs. it's a steal but it's certainly not kaji quality unless his rice making has improved.

    1. I live around the corner and have been going since day one, the owner and his wife are charming and the food has been great, the only deterant I've had so far was he is or has been training a new chef and his skills aren't as good as the quality is still top notch though...

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      1. re: Recyclor

        Do they have more varieties of sushi available than the printed menu might indicate?

        1. re: Googs

          During the day he tends to have better options, he runs out of a lot of special stuff he gets at lunch, but I will ask him for what he suggests or if he has anything special...once I was looking at a container of very small crabs on the counter by the cash, I asked if they were edible, he said they could be, when I got home I found in my order a nigiri sushi with a tiny pickled whole octopus under a band of seaweed and a crab that was put in the fryer perched on top...

          1. re: Recyclor

            Whoa that sounds AWEsome, Recyclor. How did it taste?

            1. re: Googs

              It was good, the crab disolved in a crispy poof in my mouth and the tiny octopus was marinated in a vinegary brine...interesting and so nice, he seems to enjoy getting to do fun stuff like that...once I when I was picking up an order there was a couple eating in and they had a small silvery fish (6" long or so) that was filleted but otherwise whole, pierced through the tail and head so it bowed on a straight bamboo skewer, it stood upright over an artfully displayed pile of it's own sashimi...looked great!

      2. Price is attractive, so I suppose they have a daily fresh list that you can order from ? Do they grind their own wasabi from fresh ?

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          1. re: Edith S

            yes, I had fresh wasabi at Hashimoto and Zen for example.

            1. re: skylineR33

              This place is really a great value; really for me the best of any takeout Japanese in Toronto.

              I just saw on their daily board that 'fresh wasabi' is now available +$3...

        1. We got takeout last night. I got the sakura sashimi and the fish was incredibly fresh and flavourful. The BF had the sushi#8 and said it was very good/fresh, with no complaints on the rice. Our meals were very well cut so either the trainee has improved or the owner cut our dinner.

          BF went to pick up and said they were very busy and friendly, trying to get to know their customers by name. The price is great for the quality and it's certainly the best available sushi in the neighbourhood.

          Skyline, no fresh wasabi but the ginger is undyed...

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          1. re: chocabot

            I haven't been in a few weeks, so I wouldn't doubt that the owner has his new guy up to snuff, he really cares about the quality of his products...

            1. re: chocabot

              You're not going to get real wasabi at these prices.

            2. i'm fairly confident is saying that the sushi 930 you're getting now will be the sushi 930 you will get for a while.

              it's value fish at its best. a variety of the regular and premium fish are kept in rotation and based on what the owner feels is fresh. you can find the changing options listed on a white board (as of last night it was lobster claw, uni from vancouver, spanish mackeral, yellowtail belly). the trade-off for the price is in the portion and rice quality. which is a shame because i had an entire conversation with him about how different the water and rice were in japan. he seems aware of what could be the best but chooses to focus on the fish.

              i've never seen his "apprentice" work with fish. he mostly takes orders and does a few things in the back. the cuts have gotten better though, at the start it was a bit rough and a bit incomplete but they're definitely up to par now.

              last night i had the sakura and an order of uni nigiri. the amaebi was a little pasty, the tuna seemed a bit fishy, and the uni lacked sweetness... but otherwise everything was quite good. the rest of my order contained hotategai, albacore tuna (a little searing provided a nice permeated smoke flavour), spanish mackeral, salmon (this has been consistently delicious and i'm not usually a fan), and slivers of really lovely tai.

              the rice is still of poor quality. it wasn't mushy but the consistency wasn't quite right and indicated that it had been sitting out for a while. the seasoning is still amateur and i resort to making my own rice at home instead.

              no he does not have real wasabi but when i show my face he's given me this interesting concoction that seems to be a muted form of generic "wasabi" with a very fine dice of horseradish? the flavour is quite different and seemingly more refreshing.

              i will note that he uses shiso leaves rather than that silly plastic and puts a lot of effort into presentation (garnishes of finely cut green onion, black caviar over the amaebi, beautifully patterned containers).

              anyhow... sorry for the scattered thoughts... this is my go-to cheap sushi place now and i appreciate the effort and heart he puts into it even if the skill isn't quite there.

              and lastly... on previous visits i've gotten monkfish liver, lobster sashimi and more. in a week he will have a fresh order of toro.