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Jan 31, 2008 09:47 AM

Commander's Palace?

Anyone have any feedback on Commander's? I haven't been since the storm. Thanks!

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  1. I have been for the Sunday Jazz brunch 3 times. Everything has always been great- the food, service, and music.

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      My dad has been twice recently and has said it is better than he ever remembers it being.

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        I agree with robrob's post - everything is wonderful and still a consistently pleasant dining experience every time.

      2. We were there this past Monday night for our anniversary. Though we live in the neighborhood, we've just never been.

        Service -- superb.
        Decor -- my mom's living room. Very tasteful, but a bit old fashioned.
        Appetizers -- Excellent.
        Entrees -- sorry to say it -- but very pedestrian. Particularly my wife's redfish.
        Desserts -- Very good
        Overall -- We can say we've been. But for $200 for two, there are a dozen better in this city.

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          Four of us had lunch there last spring and we are heading back next month. EVERYTHING was outstanding. We found it better than ever. We can't wait to return. Out of 7 restaurants for lunch and dinner in 4 days, this was the best. We ate at Cuvee, Galatoire's, Tommy's, Bon Ton Cafe, Upperline and I can't recall where else.

        2. the bread pudding with the whiskey sauce is top 5 desserts anywhere. jfood loves the way the fill the water glasses, they bring fresh ones and the bread service is so genteel. and if you stay in the middle column it is a tremendous value.

          one head's up is no matter how nice, noone can wear shorts (ladies and girls included). they will not seat you.

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            Went last Saturday for the Jazz Brunch. It was amazing. Started with the Braised pork belly on artisan grits, entree was solid called the "Louisiana Sportsman's Brunch." It was a pecan griddle cake with duck debris and poached duck eggs. Of course dessert was the bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Very nice and fun with the band playing around the tables.

          2. Ah!! The angel hair pasta.....ambrosia.

            1. Had dinner last weekend at Commanders. Suffice it to say the best thing I ate was the garlic toast served before the meal. We were starving and ordered the soup de jour, corn and crab bisque that was very good. Next was the oyster "Dome" which was also tasty. I had the stuffed a word, BORING. DC had the Trout. If not for cayenne, I would have sworn I was eating cardboard. I asked for some lemons for the flounder which helped it out. DC had the creme brulee which was tasty and beautifully presented. I had the bread pudding only to wonder what in the world everyone was raving about. A far cry from what I consider the best bread pudding around. But at least it had three raisins in it. Service was impeccable.

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                I'm with Tchoup. It's an experience in genteel service but a far cry from the palate fiesta I demand. I put it in the same category as Galatoire’s, Arnaud's and Brennan's. They are all wonderful for what they are; a fantastic immersion in old NoLa service but the same dishes they have been serving since their inception.