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Jan 31, 2008 09:42 AM

Ideas for toppings bar for chili?

Planning to do a few different kinds of chili for the Super Bowl and wanted to do a toppings bar. Aside from the usual suspects (cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips), any ideas for what to have on hand? Thanks!

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  1. chopped white onion
    sliced Jalepeno
    sorry was stuck in mantown superbowl mode

    If this is for the superbowl and a group of hungry sports hounds, I speak for myself here, whatever is on the table will eventually go into the chili, just put stuff out and they will come.

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    1. check out chili my soul's website for ideas of what they offer as add-in toppings!

      personally, onion (raw and caramelized), chopped tomatoes, cheddar/jack cheese fricos (the crunch is a nice contrast) is the norm, but if you share what various renditions/ingredients you plan to make/use, we might be able to supply some better suggestions as to juxtaposing flavors/textures.

      1. avocado!

        How about cooked macaroni so they can make their own chili mac?

        1. Red kidney beans
          chopped scallions
          sliced black olives
          sliced spanish olives
          chopped fresh cilantro
          sliced boiled hot dogs (for a reverse chili dog)

          1. Avocado sounds delicious! Also not mentioned:
            salsa verde
            different crushed peppers (pimenton, Aleppo pepper, cayenne, ancho)
            ground corned beef (my preference for chili meat)
            corn chips