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Ideas for toppings bar for chili?

Planning to do a few different kinds of chili for the Super Bowl and wanted to do a toppings bar. Aside from the usual suspects (cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips), any ideas for what to have on hand? Thanks!

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  1. chopped white onion
    sliced Jalepeno
    sorry was stuck in mantown superbowl mode

    If this is for the superbowl and a group of hungry sports hounds, I speak for myself here, whatever is on the table will eventually go into the chili, just put stuff out and they will come.

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    1. check out chili my soul's website for ideas of what they offer as add-in toppings!

      personally, onion (raw and caramelized), chopped tomatoes, cheddar/jack cheese fricos (the crunch is a nice contrast) is the norm, but if you share what various renditions/ingredients you plan to make/use, we might be able to supply some better suggestions as to juxtaposing flavors/textures.

      1. avocado!

        How about cooked macaroni so they can make their own chili mac?

        1. Red kidney beans
          chopped scallions
          sliced black olives
          sliced spanish olives
          chopped fresh cilantro
          sliced boiled hot dogs (for a reverse chili dog)

          1. Avocado sounds delicious! Also not mentioned:
            salsa verde
            different crushed peppers (pimenton, Aleppo pepper, cayenne, ancho)
            ground corned beef (my preference for chili meat)
            corn chips

            1. I didn't want to bring it up earlier but for tortilla chips those "scoops" are the best.

              taco shells - I like the ranch flavored ones !!!
              Jalepeno poppers

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                Jalapeno poppers? ON TOP of chili? That is the sickest and most mouth-watering thing I have ever heard of.

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                  ok maybe not on top for long, chili dipper I guess

              2. A lot of what I would've suggested has been already mentioned, but here's a couple more:
                lime wedges
                shredded corn tortillas, flash fried but still pliable

                1. I usually like finely diced roma tomatoes mixed with some cilantro to add a little freshness

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                      Even better, sour cream mixed with lime juice.

                    2. Tater Tots
                      Corn Nuts
                      Roasted garlic cloves

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                        diced cooked potatoes coated in garlic and herb butter

                      2. elbow pasta
                        crumbled cornbread
                        sharp cheddar, gruyere, goat, queso fresco, farmer's or manchego cheese

                        my blog http://www.dinnersforayear.blogspot.com

                        1. lay out some hot sauce varieties for those who want to up the heat factor.

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                            That's what I do. I happen to have 160 of them.

                          2. polenta cubes
                            chopped hard-boiled eggs
                            roasted or fried plantain chunks
                            chopped black olives
                            sliced hearts of palm
                            those fried, crunchy chow mein noodles
                            diced mango or papaya

                            1. Fritos, cheese, onion, salsa; make Frito Pies.

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                                (I know this thread is old, but someone revived it so....)

                                Don't forget some yellow mustard. We always add a little dash of it to our Frito Pie for some tang.

                              2. Chopped green onions
                                Queso Fresco + Cheddar or Jack
                                Pita Chips
                                Fresh Chopped Peppers
                                Black Olives
                                Avocado Slices
                                Chopped Fresh Tomatoes

                                (I like that polenta idea too!)

                                I love to have fresh cornbread or corn muffins with my chili.

                                1. spaghetti
                                  nacho cheese (mini crock pot is GREAT for this)
                                  avocado halves (to fill)
                                  ritz crackers
                                  cornbread croutons

                                  1. Most of the above +
                                    Rice and/or orzo or Israeli couscous
                                    Oyster-style/saltine crackers

                                    If it's spicy, milk helps for those that can't handle heat.
                                    And don't forget the antacids... :)

                                    1. Sounds strange, but put out a small bowl of bittersweet chocolate that you have thinly sliced from the chunk or bar using a vegetable peeler. Chocolate is sometimes a mystery ingredient in a chili, and providing it as an add-in will be unique and a conversation starter.

                                      1. On the lowbrow side: Tater Tots. (Hey, don't knock it 'til you tried it.)

                                        1. An assortment of pickles, particularly pickled chilies, and for those that don't mesh well with the heat, giardiniera.

                                            1. Cooked white rice
                                              Crusty Bread and Butter

                                              1. Fried Plantain Chips sounds like a great idea!

                                                Some pickled red onions might be interesting too.

                                                There's a variety of shredded and crumbled cheese that would be interesting, like Cabo's Habanero cheese, or some Cojita

                                                Thinly sliced fresh hot chile's such as Jalapeno or Serrano, or some Fresnos - or just make a medley

                                                Diced pineapple might be interesting, it's certainly good in baked beans

                                                Some freshly made pico de gallo, with lots of fresh cilantro and lime.

                                                You can add some lime zest to the sour cream to jazz it up a bit too.

                                                1. Shredded cheddar cheese, the kind that comes pre-shredded in a plastic package. Lots.


                                                  1. Lot's of great suggestions here... I wanted to re-recommend a couple:

                                                    Tater Tots: These are super easy, and make a nice mix-in, playing a role similar to rice or pasta.

                                                    Crispy chow mein noodles: I thought these were my secret chili trick, but I saw someone else mention them below... seriously, one of the best things on chili!

                                                    One I haven't seen mention: Fried Durkee onions, to sprinkle on top... so bad, and so good!

                                                    1. Pieces of French bread or rustic crunchy, crusty bread to dip and scoop the chili with.

                                                      1. Peanut butter and brown sugar sandwich triangles on the side. No joke, it's great.

                                                        I think everything else has already been suggested (mustard, oyster crackers, sour cream, lime, scallion, cilantro, cheese...shredded chihuahua is my fave) Did anyone mention cornbread muffins?

                                                        If you are making a beanless chili, serve a bowl of pintos, too.

                                                        Oh, some nicely trimmed celery sticks and green onions (not chopped) is nice.

                                                        You could seed bell peppers to use as the bowls, that would be fun!