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Jan 31, 2008 09:40 AM

Best steak house in Berlin?

hi all,

going to Berlin in March, could you recommend best steak house in Berlin?

I checked the net, but still don't know. As well found new web page for steak fans, but it is too new still. :(

Thanks for advising me steak house in berlin.


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  1. I'm surely no expert, but in all my visits to Germany, it has never seemed like a steak house kind of place. Aside from the Argentine influenced places, I can't remember ever seeing a steakhouse. Do veal and pork schnitzels count?

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    1. re: ChewFun

      thanks for your reply. I am real beef lover, so would be great to find beef steak in Berlin. Maybe there are very few steakhouses, so it's difficult to find :)

      i hope to find anyway and if so, i will write here for others.


      1. Check out the Bird in Prenzlauer Berg -- it's definitely NOT your classic steakhouse, but excellent quality. It's run by 2 New Yorker ex-pats. Great steak, and some of the best burgers I have ever eaten, too. Ever! It's a bit of a haul, but worth it.

        Other than that, there's the pricier Midtown Grill (which I haven't been to, but it gets decent reviews) near Potsdamer Platz.

        Last, and probably least -- though for a chain it's reliably good steak -- Maredo steakhouses which are all over town. Probably also your cheapest option. Not much of an atmoshpere, but honestly really good Argentinian beef.

        1. There seem to be plenty of big Argentine steak houses around- you'll probably see the big one on Alexanderplatz, but I've never been to one and haven't heard anything good about atmosphere or food quality.

          I've just been back to Kirk Royal on Paul Linke Ufer (45, I think) in Kreuzberg and think it is a fantastic steak frites place. They have other specials available but it is mostly about the oysters and the steaks and they do this simple menu really well. Only two cuts- entrecote and filet with two sizes each, your choice of potatoes, veg, sauces. My friend, who used to work in a steakhouse in Sydney, said that his filet was the best he has had in three years. It also has a charming bar, a cozy smoking lounge downstairs with a fireplace and big sofas, and a view of the canal. Our waitron was eager to use his English.

          Zitty Berlin had a recent (and somewhat obnoxious) write-up on the place and they really loved it, too.

          Where else? Paris Bar has a decent steak, I bet Desbrosses in the Ritz-Carlton has one too, if you are on an expense account. Borchardts has beautiful Irish beef steaks on the menu, and is located off of Gendarmenmarkt. Be ready for 'tude, though, if you aren't one of those "world famous in all of Germany" types.

          1. Now I have to check out Kirk Royal (what a weird name...). Where on Paul-Lincke-Ufer is it?

            And do stay away from the steak house on Alex. Been there. Not good.

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              So, within the last two weeks there have been reviews in Tip, Zitty and Exberliner about Kirk Royale and their cheeky waiter. All glowing. Kirk Royal is on Paul-Linke-Ufer 45, on the corner of Marianenstrasse and seems to be turning into our "Winchester."

              Also in Tip Speisekarte 2008 there is a little blurb about where to get the biggest steaks in Berlin. They name Francucci's in Charlottenburg at K'damm 90 for their bistecca fiorentina (sounds yummy!) and the Midtown Grill in Tiergarten at Ebertstrasse 3 for their t-bone.

              Why I know so much about this topic I don't know. Totes puzzling.

              1. re: desylicious

                Yeah, I think I saw that review in zitty online.... along with a number of other new places I must try & and/or have them hire me for translations ;-)

                Will probably be in East Xberg this summer (Muskauer Str. near Lausitzer Platz)... can't wait!

                Desy, have you been to The Bird?