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Jan 31, 2008 09:23 AM

Charlotte List of Restaurants - please comment

I am visitng next week and will be in town for about one week and will be staying in the Ballantyne area with people who do not like to drive to new places in the dark and have not lived in the area long, hence most of my choices are nearby. We are open to all kinds of cuisines and our only preference is no Asian food. I have come up with the following places:

Rooster's Kitchen for lunch, combined with visits to South Park, Phillips Place and Morrocroft Village.

Also maybe one drive-in because we have never been to one and thought it might be fun:
BBQ King or South 21

Dinners at:
New South Kitchen and Bar
Ilios Noche
131 Main
Miro Spanish Grille - I read great things about Las Ramblas Cafe, but due to location don't want to suggest this one and they are not open for lunch
Gallery in the Ballantyne Resort
Villa Antonio has anyone been to their lunch buffet, sounds like a bargain, just wondering about the food?

Any suggestions and comments would be most welcome.

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  1. I go to Villa Antonio for lunch at least once a week and get the buffet. It's very good. Everything else looks great. I'm looking forward to your review. BTW, there's really nothing to see/do in Morrocroft Village. It's really just an office park. Southpark is a gorgeous Mall and Phillips Place is a nice spot to get a glass of wine at Dean and Deluca and watch people. I have to warn you, it may not seem like it to you coming from NYC, but it will be cold next week.

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      Thanks for the feedback, I based lots of my research on the postings I found on this board and the individual restaurant websites. I thought Morrocroft Village was a mall with shops to look at like Phillips Place. South Park I understand is a big mall with large anchors. Just thought since all three were in such close proximity that we would cover them in one day. I will look at the weather before I pack, thanks for the heads up on the weather.

      We will definitely try Villa Antonio's lunch buffet since you recommend it. I was a little hesistant because it was so inexpensive and I thought the food might suffer for that reason.

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        Morrocroft has a Harris Teeter (incidentally the largest HT in town, dubbed the "Tajma Teeter"), a Borders, a bank and some smaller shops. Just a big crazy shopping center. Not a mall. I think there's a Ruby Tuesday in there.

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          If ypu go to Villa Antonio, please save room for dessert. They have a wonderful Tiramis├╣, strangely served in a wine goblet. Oh, and their soups are always nice. It's a good place for lunch but not worth it for dinner. I was speaking to the owner of authentically Italian local restaurant and she made a face b/c Villa Antonio is run by non-Italians. I almost thought she was going to spit at the mention of their name! Que cera...

          Oh, and for entertainment, check out Ballantyne Village Theatre for art films and a glass of wine.

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            Shops on the Park, which is on the South Park Mall side of Morrison, has a William Sonoma, some clothing shops, a restaurant that changes hands annually (so I don't even know the name). There is an out parcel of the mall which has our brand new Crate and Barrel, Design Within Reach, Counter Burger (great burgers and great atmosphere), M5, which is a new Tom Condron (Harpers Restaurants Group) place with Mediterranean-style tapas, and a sushi place whose name escapes me. You could definitely make an entire day of visiting South park and it's environs. Piedmont Row, which is very nearby, has Oceanaire, Del Friscos and Brio Tuscan Grille.

        2. You did great research... nice work! The only ones I'd reconsider are Miro & 131 Main (131 Main is an okay place but it just seems like there isn't much on their menu & i'm never impressed when I go there... no real complaints tho). I'd go to Firebirds instead of 131 Main. And I'm not big on Miro. I think they were good once upon a time but more recently they are just average.

          I've never been to BBQ King... let us know how it is. If the sketchy neighborhood deters you, go check out The Penguin. It's a great place w/ a neat, funky vibe. Good diner food and good beer offerings. Mac's Speed Shop is in the same category.

          Please let us know your impression of Gallery. I've heard pretty good stuff about it but I've never been and am very interested.

          Ilios Noche = Lamb Shank w/ orzo!!!! Awesome! Desserts rock too.

          Safe travels and good eatin'!

          1. You can never go wrong at Illios Noche. The prices are excellent, casual and relaxing setting and the quality of the food is always great. Do not miss the eggplant chips or the crazy lasagna.
            Also, if you are in Ballantyne there is a new dessert cafe that recently opened up in Ballantyne Village. Check out Salara Desserts ( I really enjoyed the blueberry beignets and dolce de leche crepes. It is a great way to extend the evening.

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              thanks very much for the dessert place, i have added it to my list of places to go to.