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Jan 31, 2008 09:19 AM

ISO Hollywood eateries w/ history

My boss is entertaining some out-of-the-country guests tonight in Hollywood. He wants to take them somewhere historic and/or with an interesting story, like, "This is where James Dean had his last meal," etc. Any places like that come to mind?

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  1. Musso and Franks -- where Orson Wells frequently drank himself into a stupor -- and plenty of others as well I'm sure... Great old Hollywood vibe -- booths, elderly waiters in red and green coats, strong mixed drinks, v. meat and potatoes menu -- including stuff like lamb kidneys.

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      Some possibilities: Patsy D'Amore's Pizza in Farmers Market (the first Pizza in Los Angeles); El Coyote - last meal for Sharon Tate, the first booth to the left in the "Old Room" of Musso's - Charlie Chaplin's favorite booth, the first booth going down the stair at the Prince Restaurant (with the plaque Drury Lane) - where Jack and Faye sat in the Restaurant scene of China Town); the HMS Bounty - each booth has a plaque for the 50's stars that ate at those booths. The Rainbow Bar and Grill where Monroe and DiMaggio had their first date.

    2. Barney's Beanery, Boardners

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        If this is a client dinner, I would not take my clients to Barney's Beanery for dinner, this is a more of a dive bar than restaurant.

        1. I think Janis Joplin had her last meal at Barney's and they serve pretty much anything you want.