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ISO Hollywood eateries w/ history

My boss is entertaining some out-of-the-country guests tonight in Hollywood. He wants to take them somewhere historic and/or with an interesting story, like, "This is where James Dean had his last meal," etc. Any places like that come to mind?

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  1. Musso and Franks -- where Orson Wells frequently drank himself into a stupor -- and plenty of others as well I'm sure... Great old Hollywood vibe -- booths, elderly waiters in red and green coats, strong mixed drinks, v. meat and potatoes menu -- including stuff like lamb kidneys.

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      Some possibilities: Patsy D'Amore's Pizza in Farmers Market (the first Pizza in Los Angeles); El Coyote - last meal for Sharon Tate, the first booth to the left in the "Old Room" of Musso's - Charlie Chaplin's favorite booth, the first booth going down the stair at the Prince Restaurant (with the plaque Drury Lane) - where Jack and Faye sat in the Restaurant scene of China Town); the HMS Bounty - each booth has a plaque for the 50's stars that ate at those booths. The Rainbow Bar and Grill where Monroe and DiMaggio had their first date.

    2. Barney's Beanery, Boardners

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        If this is a client dinner, I would not take my clients to Barney's Beanery for dinner, this is a more of a dive bar than restaurant.

        1. I think Janis Joplin had her last meal at Barney's and they serve pretty much anything you want.

            1. Philippe The Original
              1001 N. Alameda St. Los Angeles CA. 90012
              (213) 628-3781
              One block north of Union Station / Olvera St, at Alameda and Ord St.

              Canter's Delicatessen and Restaurant
              419 North Fairfax Avenue
              Los Angeles, California 90036
              (323) 651-2030

              The Original Pantry
              877 S Figueroa St (Cross Street:James M Wood Boulevard
              )Los Angeles, CA
              (213) 972-9279

              Du-Par's Restaurant & Bakery
              6333 W 3rd St (Farmers Market)
              Los Angeles, CA
              (323) 933-8446
              Cross Street:Fairfax Avenue

              Langer's Delicatessen
              704 S Alvarado St,
              Los Angeles, CA 90057

              Also, Some Chowhound talk about where Bogie might have eaten

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                Langer's is a great place and a piece of LA history, but won't work for the OP as they want someplace for dinner and Langer's closes at 4 pm IIRC.

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                  Langer's closes early. Yep, that is correct. My bad – Duh Uh. This proves that I really need my coffee before trying to sign-on and respond.. BUT, when I first tried to make my coffee this morning I forgot to insert the filter and so that pot went down the drain. I am now waiting for the second pot. That proves I should have a cup of coffee before trying to make a pot of coffee. Also, I now noticed that the OP wanted a place for the night of 1/31/08. Again, Duh. But maybe since these post live forever (just like magic dragons) maybe it does not matter to add more for some future reference searching, but still – duh.

                  Now that I am a little more awake I realized what might have been an even better place for the boss to entertain out-of-the-country guests – Lawry's (unless the guests are from England)
                  Lawry's The Prime Rib
                  100 N. La Cienega Boulevard
                  Beverly Hills, CA 90211
                  (310) 652-2827

              2. Agree w/ Musso's

                Dan Tana's

                Go see Marty and Elaine at Formosa Cafe for drinks after

                The Derby

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                  Marty and Elaine perform at the Dresden Room rather than the Formosa Cafe.