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Jan 31, 2008 09:14 AM

Mother's Dumplings Take Out

I'm going to a "Girl's Night In". Has anyone ever had the frozen Mother's dumplings for take-out?


How do you cook them?


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  1. They are very good, as long as you make a good dipping sauce for them, as the seasonings are quite light (or used to be, don't know if that's changed).

    Cook them from frozen. Do you want boiled or pan fried?

    For pan-fried, put some oil in the bottom of a frying pan. Arrange a single layer of dumplings, flat side down (the pinched side up), then add about a 1/4 inch of water to the pan. Cover the pan, and heat for about 6-8 minutes, take the cover off and let all the water boil away. Continue to fry until the bottoms are nice a golden brown.

    Sauce: soy, vinegar (chinese black vinegar, if you have it), chili sauce of your choice, a few drops of sesame oil.

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      ...if you really want a treat, instead of water use a mixture of white vinegar and cornstarch, about the consitancey of 1% milk, and you will end up with a golden brown crispy crust on the bottoms of and all around the dumplings, slide the whole disc on a plate an break 'em off...heavenly!

      ..boiling is as easy as making pasta, once they're floating and plump-like drain and eat...cut into one if you aren't sure...


    2. I lived off of these the last time my girlfriend went away. They are easy and cheap but, as Torontojo says, give some real thought to what you will be dipping them in and to preparing them properly. If you give them the attention they get at mother's dumplings they will be great.

      1. we always do 'supreme broth and baby bok choy' with the pork/dill, beef leek, veg dumplings and brown rice or a variety of noodles..basically beef/chicken/veg broth with a touch of chinese rice wine and tons of stirfried garlic cloves...i am going to experiment with ponzu sauce and soba noodles next time.

        1. mmmm mother's dumplings .. i've had their boiled ones and they're all wonderful .. i just got a steamer so i'll move onto the steamed ones! i usually have them as an after-club snack so i just make a simple sauce .. 1-1 soya sauce to vinegar with a little bit of sesame oil .. throw in some spices to change it up a little