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Tableside Service- Cesear Salads, Banana Foster

does anyone do that anymore? I had it at Ocean 211 in Stamford and it was very good.
I love the made to order at the table, it is special and you really see what you get to eat.
Any suggestions and why don't they do it more, they all just want you in and out in record time, I hate that with a passion.

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  1. A new Mexican restaurant just opened last year up at Mohegan Sun, and they do a mean tableside guacamole!

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    1. I don't know if they still do this, but many years ago I had dinner at Emilio's in Harrison and they did a tableside crepes suzette.

      They also do tableside guacamole at 3 Jalapenos in Mamaroneck. I think that's becoming pretty standard in Mexican restaurants.

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        Avalondaughter, no they don't. No crepes suzette and no zabaglione.

        Went there last night, and the experience was very nice. Service was good, the place was, thankfully, packed, and it was nice to again see Sergio and his Mom.

        The food was very good, the Manhattan was well made, and the parking was free. I'm so happy to see Emilio's namesake doing so well.

      2. The last time we went to CIA in Hyde Park they made our caesar salad tableside.

        1. The 76 house in Tappan NY used to prepare table side Ceasar Salads. I don't know if they still do.

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            Avalondaughter, I remember the tableside crepe suzettes at Emilio's! They were excellent.

            Yes, the 3 Jalapenos guacamole is very good.

            Last I had a tableside caesar salad, it was out in the Meadowlands, a looong time ago. What fun, the bowl was properly rubbed with the garlic and all the rest. The salad was delicious. Haven't seen it done since.

          2. Cafe on the Green in Danbury, Ct does the Bannana foster but not Ceasar

            1. A couple of years ago, when Blue in White Plains was newish, we paid our one and only visit there. Although others have reported good experiences there, ours was not one of them. One of the problems happened to involve their tableside-prepared Caesar salad: it came out inedibly salty. The manager rushed over to prepare another (better) one for us. I assume they're still making it and, I certainly hope, they've nailed down the ingredient proportions better.

              1. Primavera in Croton Falls does tableside fish boning and zabaglione.

                1. Don Juan Mexican restaurant in Westbury does a great table side guacamole.

                  1. Flood Tide (restaurant at the Inn at Mystic) does a rather wonderful Caesar tableside.