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Jan 31, 2008 08:37 AM

Lebanese food?

I'm taking out clients to dinner next month. These people have been to the middle east and they always tell me that the Lebanese food is delicious there. Does anybody know any authentic Lebanese food in Manhattan? It doesn't have to be fancy. Thanks for your help

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  1. check out illilli - i may be off on the spelling. bruni reviewed it yesterday

    1. Here's a current thread on ilili:

      Al Bustan has been around for many years.

      Edited to add: Here's Bruni's review:

      1. Ilili is upscale, so good for clients, but the food doesn't claim to be authentic. There is a lot of fusion on the menu.

        1. Iilili definitely isn't "authentic" by any means. I've heard good things about Al Bustan, but have found their prices daunting for a cuisine I grew up taking for granted. Other than that, it's slim pickings. Lebanese food is very underrepresented in the city.

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            There's also Byblos. We haven't been there is ages. The food was good back then, and prices were very moderate. However, even if the food is still o.k., I think the overall atmospherics are not nice enough for a client dinner.

          2. Here's my mini review on Ilili i posted to another thread. I went yesterday for RW.

            Our service was sufficiently attentive but not polished enough. Timing was a bit off. Food quality ranged from very good (amberjack and baba ghanouj app, octopus app) to just ok-good (chicken entree and branzino entree). Desserts were fine, but not amazing. I wasn't thrilled with my wine. Overall, no real complaints other than waiting more than 15 mins for my 7:30 reservation and being seated upstairs in no man's land (does the confirmation of a RW reservation decide this?) The pluses: beautifully designed space and copious amounts of food (4 items) and a good value.