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Jan 31, 2008 08:29 AM

Martsa on Elm expanded space & menu

Last Saturday night I had a great meal in the recently expanded Martsa on Elm (Tibetan) in Davis Sq. They are still working on service kinks as we got our appetizer after the entrees but the food was fresh & delish. I can't remember all of the funky Tibetan names of the dishes but I had a cracked barley soup that was quite savory as well as an interesting broccoli dish in a light cheese sauce amongst other yummy things. I recommend but get their early or make reservations because it was packed.

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  1. Been meaning to get here for a while. Can any Hounds highlight their favorites here?

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      It's one of my favorite sleepers. The Globe's article on it was not terribly praising but it seems like they went there looking for something else and were disappointed to not find it, IMHO.

      I like the pork momos (fried only), simple but good and greasy. The pumpkin curry (which is actually squash) and either the vegetable delight and/or the vegetable curry. I like them both but one is definitely better than the other (I think it's the curry). Get them with tingmo, not rice.

      The bhagamatsu (?) is a fantastic dessert, simple but very good and the Tibetan tea (salt and buttered) is weird but good.

      The place is pretty cheap and good, assuming it's like pre-renovation. It's also BYOB and the liquor store up the block is pretty good. For the most bang for your buck, go when it's wicked cold and avoid the lunch specials.

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          It's a steamed bun (barley based, perhaps?), very flavorless on its own, but as Mr. Mangia said, great for sopping up the remnants of whatever it is you just devoured.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        i can only vouch for the vegetarian stuff but the momos are delish as well as many of the soups (cracked barley & lentil both rock). The tingmo bread is neat too and soaks up the sauce very well. the have a stuffed eggplant appy that is inside an indian like bread which i love too.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Haven't been since they re-opened, but previously have enjoyed consistently fresh, basic, delicious meals there, with the sweetest service. Particularly like how they prepare vegetables, but overall favorites include: potato chaat, beef with string beans, lady fingers (okra), and pumpkin curry.

        2. I love all of their soups - lovely combinations of grains and greens and savory and the perfect consistency, a little thicker than a broth but light enough to eat the whole bowl.
          My favorite meal there is to pick any soup (tsamthu, dhothu, guzarethuk, thentuk, rhuchotsay, and nenja are the ones I think I keep trying to go back to, but I should really just start making a checklist and have them all!) and then order another appetizer like momos, or really anything at all on the appetizer menu, and then stop there.

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            the names of the soup are worth ordering them for !!!!!!!!!!!!