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Jan 31, 2008 08:28 AM

[Ottawa] Best LCBO for Sherry?

I'm going to Ottawa (from Montreal) this week-end and will probably drop by an LCBO store to see what they have Sherry-wise since our own selection (SAQ) is quite limited.

I only went to the store on Rideau ( 275 rideau st.) and they have a good selection.

Is there a better one (better selection) not too far away from the center with parking ?



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  1. Rideau Street is your best bet. It's the main store for the downtown area (there area at least 3 other stores downtown) The only comparable stores, that I know of, would be at Merivale/Hunt Club or Baseline/Woodroffe - both of which are much further out than you want.

    1. If you're driving to Ottawa from Montreal, take as many empty wine bottles as you can carry. The Beer Stores in Ottawa give 20c refund on empties.

      I'll also second the recommendation for the LCBO on Rideau - much bigger selection of pretty much everything than any SAQ outlet.


      1. I forgot to add - the LCBO has an online database. You can search by product and then see if it's available in a specific store.

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        1. re: ceebee1

          There are two fine Lustau's being released Feb.2.

          Actually there are several fine wines in this release, and it is wise to check availability online tomorrow morning, to avoid disappointment.

        2. Hi Max, there are two that I have had recently and loved. "Apostoles" and "Noe". These are both 30 yr old and slightly off dry. $25. half bottle. Both are available in and around Ottawa. Happy hunting, let me know what you end up with.

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          1. re: Mr. Millygirl

            I think both of these are pretty much sold-out. The LCBO inventory system is only validated once a year and that's coming up shortly, so no physical inventory check has been done for nearly a year.
            Don't rely on that system - call the store first.
            Of course, please post if you've actually seen the bottles on the shelf.

            1. re: estufarian

              There seem to be plenty of both in the system. Inter-store transfers are also an easy option.

          2. Thanks All!

            i went into the store 10 minutes before closing yesterday, got a case of mix'n'match of different Sherry (Sherries ?).

            Since I'm on a diet, most of them will not be tasted for at least a few months!! except for the Papirusa which I opened as soon as I got home last night.