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Sep 30, 2001 11:43 AM

Mashti Malone Ice Cream

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In my three years here I hadn't experienced great local ice cream, but I just found this wonderful Persian (I think) ice cream join in a strip mall on La Brea north of Wilshire. It's apparently been around for 21 years, so I assume some of you hounds know of it, though I didn't see any posts in the archive. (Keeping some secrets are we?) :)

This is tremendous homemade ice cream shop with some innovative flavors. There is a wonderful pistachio ice cream with rosewater and saffron, which has a clean, refreshing flavor, the rosewater is not overwhelming, and the saffron seems to mostly add color. There is also a rosewater-ginger ice cream (nice, strong ginger flavor) and a rosewater ice (which I didn't get to try). I also tried Mango and Turkish Coffee ice creams. Both were wonderful. The coffee had the creamy texture of a gelato (though in my little sample, I didn't taste any of the spices one might expect from "Turkish Coffee"). The Mango had a superbly strong mango flavor. All of the ice creams had the creamy goodness of a homemade, high in butterfat product and the server was generous with free samples.

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  1. Is this the Mashti Malone's that's been on the West side of LaBrea, just above Sunset, for years and years? About the name: it used to be "Muggsy Malone's" as I recall, and supposed to evoke Irish boxers or something such. Then the current owners took over and didn't bother replacing the entire sign.

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      Sorry, yes, north of Sunset, not Wilshire.

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        michael (mea culpa)

        Last I heard, the owners were suing some website claiming it's Mashti name infringed on their's or something????

      2. CLONE CONE!!!!!

        I mean, great ice cream.
        Also, they have Clone Cones, which are awesome.

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          What are clone cones?