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Jan 31, 2008 08:08 AM

a TAO-ish type place in midtown, but less obnoxious? Girls' Dinner

I have to take some clients out who are single girls in 20s and 30s for dinner. Prefer Midtown East. Nothing too formal/stuffy. I was going to take them to AZZA, which was perfect b/c it's loungey, french-moroccan, not too boys club/stuffy, but it's booked for a private party. Any recommendations from you chowhounds? Looking for the atmosphere of Meatpacking district for them, but in Midtown area.


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  1. Brasserie 44 at The Royalton Hotel just may be perfect for you all. Sounds exactly like what you're looking for:

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      Brasserie 44 is good. Two other suggestions: BLT Steak on 57th b/w Park and Lex or Lever House on 53rd & Park. Midtown east is tough, lots of good restaurants just not overly trendy.

    2. What about Avra?

      I always have fun there!! I just love the Greek wines!

      1. Similar to Tao? Megu Midtown or Nobu 57 should work.