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Breakfast tomorrow near LAX

I have an 8:30am flight out of LAX tomorrow morning and and am seeking a yummy breakfast somewhere nearby that opens EARLY. I'm open minded and ready. Thank you in advance for your suggestions fellow hounds!

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  1. Which direction are you coming from? Are you parking in one of the long term lots like C or B?

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      One good breakfast place in that immediate LAX area that gets overlooked here is The Grinder right on the NW corner of Sepulveda Blvd. and Manchester (you have to be on Manchester to enter their parking lot). They open ever day at 6 am.


      If you happen to be coming from the Santa Monica or West LA area then that opens up some other possibilities like Pepy's Galley (opens at 6 am) in the Mar Vista Bowling Alley on the NE corner of Grandview and Venice Blvd. ini Mar Vista or Dolores on Santa Monica Blvd. just west of the 405 Fwy and open 24/7 or the Pacific Dining Car on the SE corner of Princeton and Wilshire in Santa Monica open 24/7 or if you are coming from the South Bay then The Kettle on Highland in Manhattan Beach which is also open 24/7.

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        I don't think they open until 7 am and that would be cutting it too close probably.

      2. As mentioned, Pann's is your best breakfast place but unfortunately opens at 7:00. They do have the best chicken wings and waffles ever.

        KJ's diner has excellent breakfasts at the Bowling Alley near Lincoln and Manchester. They open at 6:30. Pancakes and egg dishes are excellent.

        Dinah's at Sepulveda and Centinela off the 405, is open at 6:00. Good waffles and pancakes. Can't remember how the egg dishes were; I usually go Pann's or KJ's.

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          at dinah's my recommendations are:
          1) the chile relleno omlette
          2) the baked german pancake
          3) the baked apple pancake
          4) the swedish pancakes

          i am not a fan of their buttermilk pancakes or any of the variations of their buttermilk pancakes.

        2. You could try Rutt's Cafe on Washington (and Lindblade, near Culver Blvd.) for some Hawaiian food. They open at 6:30, however, so that still might be cutting it close.


          1. If you are running late, you could also just just coffee or a snack on the ground level of Terminal 2. The international terminal also has a series of fast-food type places.

            1. What airline are you flying? You can get the best breakfast burritos in the Southwest terminal.

              1. I am coming form Sherman Oaks and am flying SW airlines. Tell me more about the breakfast burritos please? Dinah's sounds interesting...

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                  I can't remember the name of the place...it's right by the bar. You may want to call and find out what time it opens. I really love the burritos. They are huge, and they will make them pretty much any way you like them - huevos mexicana, and I think chorizo. They always have rice and beans ready early in the morning so you can have those if you like them. They have a salsa bar with three types of salasa - they are all pretty flavorful, though not very hot. They will throw your tortilla on the grill and get it nice and hot before filling it up. Burritos run around $8-9, and maybe more if you're picky like me and special request. But they are big, and you will not be hungry for a long time if you eat it all. I love flying Southwest just so I can get one. I just hate flying on Thanksgiving Day every year b/c they are not open (and I don't like turkey).

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                    Dinah's is probably best known for their "large" oven pancakes (sort of like a cross between a coffee cake and a pancake - but BIG).

                  2. If you stop at Dinah's, go for the beef scramble with spinach, ham egg scramble or the thick style potato pancakes. The omelettes are fluffy also.
                    Wendy's Place in downtown El Segundo is good but I don't know how early they are open (they close in the afternoon).
                    Mandy's in downtown ES and Hawthorne has a great breakfast burrito (get ham only) but, alas, they open at 7am.
                    Hacienda Hotel coffee shop (24 hr) on Sepulveda in El Segundo - very good homemade corned beef hash.
                    Thumbs Down on the Grinder, a mediocre coffee shop at best. Denny's is better, two locations near LAX.

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                      Fudge. Here are the links:

                      6521 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

                      Mandy's Family Restaurant
                      13510 Inglewood Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

                      Wendy's Place
                      107 W Grand Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245

                    2. You could hit up breakfast in the valley first, say at Du-Par's, but I think this mightn't work if you're taking the 405 down; I forget how early Jinky's opens.

                      Stop off the 405 at National for a buttermilk bar at Primo's.

                      In Santa Monica, there's Pacific Dining Car, as well as Izzy's and Dolores'

                      On Centinela, Taqueria Sanchez

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                        after a decade of traveling for work, i'd highly recommend NOT having breakfast in the valley then risking the traffic unless:
                        1) you really don't care if you make your flight or if you miss it
                        2) you are willing to leave a TREMENDOUS amount of time as a fudge factor to account for traffic vagaries.