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Jan 31, 2008 07:57 AM


i went some months ago and had a ball despite the bizarre decor. i had previously enjoyed the short lived Pengelleys which seemed in better taste.

I hadnt thought about Gilgamesh until last nights masterchef. apart from the ribeye it looked ok and I wonder if it still delivers as i may pass by in the near future.

any other top tips within walking distance of Camden ? i have half a mind to trek to Primrose Hill for Odettes.


PS how much fun did Matt Tebbutts Woodcock look on Market Kitchen. Mash the innards intio the croute then chop the head off, cut it in half and use the beak to pick the brains out.

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  1. For me, Gilgamesh is one of those places that is often busy but rarely impressive. I used to go there every time I went to Camden, if only for their duck spring rolls (which are delicious). Drinks often cost more than the food (and I'm not talking round after round). The menu is a bit limited, but still worth a try before you write it off.

    I always recommend Lemongrass on Royal College Street - it's a bit of a diamond in the rough. Great Cambodian / Malaysian food.

    This thread has some good reccomendations for the Camden area:

    1. Plagiarising Howler, avoid Gilgamesh with extreme prejudice, one of the worst meals I`ve had in a long time, I got dragged there by a friend knowing that it was going to be garbage food and likely to relieve me of a substantial amount of my hard earned cash and so it proved to be on both counts.

      If headed to Primrose Hill, Sardo Canale and Lemonia are solid bets, Engineer and Lansdowne gastropubs and local institutions although both now probably living off former glories foodwise.

      I like DollyDagger`s rec for Lemongrass, I used to eat there a lot and am pleased to hear that it`s still alive and well. There`s a good Moroccan place not far away from there on Camden Road where I used to enjoy their bastilla, I can dig up the name if you`re interested.

      And Ikura on Haverstock Hill is an impressive and less well known Japanese restaurant serving sushi and izakaya fare, opened last year, hasn`t had much mention on this board so far.