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Jan 31, 2008 07:35 AM

H-Mart - best food court nosh?

Which food court stand would you recommend?

I was quite surprised to see a pho stand.

Thanks kindly!

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  1. We've been once and here's what we ate:

    Pork bone soup (only one stand has it),,,bowl filled to the brim with the meat and potatoes overflowing. Very meaty. Potatoes were to my liking; not mushy and still recognizable. Nice quantity of veg. Broth was flavourful but not as spicy as I've had it before either downtown or at the Owl. Served with rice. Kimchee and other accompaniments (bean sprouts and egg quiche-like slice) were good but again I'm not sure how authentically flavoured this was but for a food court meal for $5.95 it certainly hits the spot. I wasn't able to finish mine. Lots of people were ordering it.

    My child had sushi from the sushi stand. He's 10. Thought it was ok for grocery store sushi. Served with miso soup. Next time I think he'll try the kim bap? Korean sushi.

    My husband had the dish that has rice noodles with julienned vegetables, meats and egg on top. Warm not hot. With the accompaniments as above. Tasty and certainly a departure from most food court food. Very good sized portion for about $7.00.

    The two dishes above are served in real bowls not styrofoam.

    The fried chicken stand is closed although at the stand next to it you can still get spicy chicken. They advertise a Mon-Thurs. combo special for $19.99. and if I remember correctly the sweet and spicy chicken was one of the three dishes.

    And of course there's Kevin's pop stand? or something like that....were they fire disc shaped puffed cakes made from wheat and soybean out of a machine. Fun to watch and tasty too! $2.99 a bag and much tastier than rice cakes. Similar in melt in the mouth texture to shrimp chips but not oily because they're air popped. They have the same machine at Galleria.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for the great review! I'll keep my eyes open for the puffed cakes. Don't know how I missed them.

    2. Is this the H-Mart in Richmond Hill on Yonge?

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