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Jan 31, 2008 07:19 AM

5 Guys coming to Winston-Salem

Saw a sign yesterday at a building under construction at the Shoppes at Little Creek (across form Target on Hanes Mall Blvd.). I've read a lot about the relative merits of this chain, but have never been; looking forward to giving it a try.

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  1. Two just opened here in Athens. They're okay, nothing to write home about, but it's nice to see your burger being cooked fresh instead of being zapped in a microwave. I'd eat there once or twice a month if I still worked downtown.

    Stick with a single, the doubles sort of tilt things off-balance, taste-wise. The fries are pretty darned good, and they are very generous with them.

    Being a good Carolina boy, I can't for the life of me understand why they don't offer chile and slaw for their hot dogs. It's not natural. Hot dogs are basically inedible without chile and slaw.

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    1. re: uptown jimmy

      I'm with you Jimmy, though I just recently converted to the slaw camp, I always have had to have chili on a dog. Overall winston has decent upscale burger choices($8 and up) maybe this can fill a niche in the lower ranks. Wonder how they will do without slaw and chili. Even Wendy's even has a Carolina Classic.

    2. Overated IMO.

      Will not eat a hotdog without slaw. Why bother?

      1. When you're craving a decent burger, Five Guys isn't bad. Definitely beats traditional fast food and it generally doesn't take much longer than Mickey D's to get your food. Lots of topping options, which is nice, and I love the skin-on fries.

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        1. re: Suzy Q

          Down here at the beach we have River City Cafe and Hamburger Joes which are both much better than Five Guys but I agree, better than fast food.

          For hotdogs, Jack's Cosmic Dogs is the best.

          1. re: BlueHerons

            Care to clue us in as to what beach you're referring to?

            1. re: carolinadawg

              The greater Myrtle Beach area but I'm closer to Charleston than I am to Myrtle Beach.

            2. re: BlueHerons

              Blue Herons, I agree Hamburger Joes hamburger is pretty good and their dogs are OK too. 5 Guys are so so. Where is Jack's Cosmic Dogs located?

              I am a hotdog freak and love the Muckie brand in CT. I have not found a packaged dog in the MB area yet taht I like.

              Babe Carta

          2. Five Guys is fabulous! We have a few in the Triangle. The folks who have said it's nothing to write home about must not have very good franchises. The fries are fresh, the burgers are a decent size and right tasty. It might be a fast food chain, but it's a fast food chain with a Zagat's rating that hasn't dipped below 26. I love 'em.

            1. My advice - stick to the regular fries (as opposed to the cajun ones). They're wonderful. And you get a LOT of them.