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Best Chicken Dish/Fried Chicken/Rotisserie in D/FW

What are your favorite chicken dishes in the metroplex? Have a awesome place for Fried Chicken? What is you favorite version of Rotisserie Chicken?

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  1. Fried Chicken = Brothers on Gaston. Fried chicken tastes better when it is served up from behind bullet proof glass.
    Rotisserie Chicken = Costco
    Chicken Dish = Chicken & Dumplins at DeliNews. Way over priced but very tasty

    1. Agreed! Costco has killer Rotisserie Chicken.

      1. Chic from Barcelona (Forest and Preston - next to Mercury Grill) has unbelieveably good rotisserie style chicken.

        I'm partial to Bubba's on Hillcrest (in Snider Plaza) for fried chicken.

        1. BROTHERS by a MILE! And they now have a satellite up on COIT south of BLETLINE in front of that brand new Albertsons...same KILLER ghetto bird! MAN is ti good!

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            you mean in front of the El Rancho Supermercado... which is a good place for a pretty mean chicken deal. 8.90 for whole pollo asado, beans, and tortillas.

          2. Fried chicken: uhhh, Babe's/Bubba's. No doubt.

            Best Overall Chicken Dish/Roast chicken: my oven.

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              I second Bubba's chicken. Babes if you aren't in Dallas proper..

            2. Brothers is good, Babes is by far better. Brothers is by far cheaper and easier to take home. There are several south and central american rotisserie places open around town now most all pretty darn good.

              I also really like Whole foods smoked birds at the Plano Location.

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                You mean Marco Pollo for the South American style rotisserie and La Esperanza on Josey & George Bush in Carrollton

                1. re: soulslinger

                  Yep that would be one of them. They are quite tasty also rather interesting to go into over the weekend.

                2. re: irodguy

                  El Regio for Rotisserie. It's roasted over charcoal and covered with a red seasoning rub (a Pibil type sauce maybe?). I'm so spoiled by El Regio that I can't eat any supermarket rotisserie chickens anymore.

                  Two locations, Irving and NW HWY. I prefer the Irving location because it seems like they use more rub and smoke it longer.


                  (Good lord, I almost wrote "Hands Down" from seeing it on the boards so much lately. I think there should be a ban on that phrase since everyone has a very different idea on what makes a particular food great.)

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                    El Regio is really good. I have had the Irving location and the one close to SW Center Mall (Red Bird) on Camp Wisdom. I prefer the Red Bird location. They even have someone singing live on Saturdays during lunch.

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                      yeah, and some people are missing limbs.

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                        Webra1, good rec! Went by the El Region in Carrollton tonight (Josey & Belt Line) and the rotisserie chicken was delicious! There does seem to be some thing in the seasoning giving the skin a slight red color, could be pibil.

                        1. re: Webra1

                          Just a word of caution....if the power goes out (did on my first visit to the NW Hwy location) get out quickly or you will smell like the chicken all day long. When the power went out so did the vent and when doing charcoal chicken inside.....not good. Did love the chicken though and the meal deal with all the food you get is hard to beat. I didn't really care for the half onion (steamed?), but the rice and beans were quite good.....store bought corn toritillas though.

                          1. re: soulslinger

                            soulslinger, I believe the onion is cooked alongside the chicken on the charcoal. We didn't make use of the onion either, but I imagine if you actually shredded up your rotisserie chicken to put in the tortillas, then the onions might be a nice topping.

                            1. re: donnaaries

                              I love the onion, especially when it's really charred on the outside. I dip it in that crazy hot/delicious creamy green sauce. I'll also use it to mop up any rub left in the paper from the chicken.

                              When we go, I tell them to hold the tortillas. We just make some flour ones at home. Guerrero brand makes raw flour tortillas. You cook them on the stovetop and they puff up hot and fresh. Almost as good as homemade. When I'm feeling crazy, I'll even put a bit of lard on the pan first.

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                            Hi Webra1! I second El Regio as well! Being from Austin, my significant other and I MUST have our weekly dose of Regio. I don't know about the Irving and NW Hwy locations, but in Austin, most if not all, the Regio locations are drive thru (just like their sister restaurant, La Regio Montana in Austin----another fave of mine).

                            However, on my frequent trips to Dallas to visit friends/family, I go to the El Regio on 1440 W. Walnut (close to N. Garland Ave). Wow, to my surprise it was a large dine-in El Regio! Chatted with the cashier and he said it was the biggest location of its kind in Dallas.

                            1. re: rdejaneiro

                              I inspected the shopping center behind the Regio out in Garland and it was by far the largest. I believe they have a sit down portion and I believe it was newly constructed or heavily renovated. I would recommend this place if you are in the neigborhood but I am sure there are more than just two or three around the metroplex. I would imagine they have one in every city, there just aren't any mailers, coupons, or radio jingles to let you know where they are. Might be a chore to find one but they are great if you are looking for that charcoaled flame kissed seasoned chicken flavor!

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                                I believe these are different companies. elpolloregio.net is definitely the place webra is talking about and it lists only DFW locations.

                                1. re: kindofabigdeal

                                  koabd - I never knew they had a website. Thank you for posting it.

                                  I see they offer franchise opportunities. Hmmm. :-)

                                  1. re: Webra1

                                    There's only one in Ft. Worth, sounds like like a market vacuum.

                                    1. re: kindofabigdeal

                                      Without a doubt, I'm 100% sure they are the same companies. Same logo, name, menu, food, ....same everything. It is an Austin-based chain, but unfortunately their website just lists the DFW locations and one Round Rock location. Pretty sure the the folks from the Austin chowhound board can back me up on this too.....

                                      Did some more googling of it and found a property description of its Irving location (description says there are 7 DFW metroplex locations, but 20 overall in Texas):

                                      Oh! And found a cool pic of one of our Austin locations:

                                      1. re: rdejaneiro

                                        must have something to do with the franchising

                                      2. re: kindofabigdeal

                                        <<There's only one in Ft. Worth, sounds like like a market vacuum.>>

                                        I was thinking maybe right next to my house (near downtown Dallas). ;-)

                                2. re: Webra1

                                  I had the pollo asado for the first time today. Excellent! I went by the Garland location. My chicken came out of their warmer, so there's no telling how long it had been cooked, and the white meat portions had gotten pretty dry. I'm not sure if that's because of the location, or the time (about 4:30). Despite that it was very good. I've had the mole and the chicken taco on previous visits. The mole is not bad, but not worth getting, and the taco is very good for the price, but you don't get any of the roasty flavor.

                                  I think you might be onto something with the pibil. My first thought was achiote, because of the color and slight tang and I found that achiote can refer to the annatto seed, which is a primary part of pibil. However, I felt the best part of the flavor was just from the charcoal.

                                  As others have said, the creamy slow-burn sauce is great too, and I found that mixing it with the rice makes an incredible combo. If they only they had better tortillas.

                                  Goya sells a tomato and achiote powder (broth mix maybe) that I've used with hominy with great success. This might be a simple way to get some of that flavor, although the charcoal is irreplacable.

                                3. re: irodguy

                                  I like Brothers. I haven't been to Babe's, but they own Bubba's and Bubba's always seems very greasy to me.

                                  I agree wholeheartedly about Whole Foods. Their rotisserie chicken is also very good - especially the Andalusian spice one I see sometimes at the Greenville location. The only downside to Whole Foods is price.

                                  Central Market's rotisserie chicken is awful - like sawdust.

                                  1. re: dalaimama

                                    Central in Plano is hit or miss. Of the better grocery store chains whole foods beats them on a consistent basis. There is a new South American place here in Plano on Coit, they took over the old wienerschnitzel. I will try them next.

                                    1. re: irodguy


                                      The new place is Marco Pollo...they have a location already at Preston & Warren in Frisco. Wife hates rotisserie chicken and says their rotisserie is ok, but she loves the cucumber pico that comes as a side dish.


                                4. Ali Baba does one that's alright.

                                  1. Cowboy Chicken makes a fine rotisserie chicken.

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                                    1. re: yumyum palace

                                      Yes I would fully agree, however it was much better with the original owner who tried to franchise it. I used to office over in Georgetown suites, we would go to cowboys twice a week.

                                      1. re: yumyum palace

                                        Went to Cowboy Chicken on Preston had a buy one get one with the Passbook. The chicken was not what I had expected. The chicken (at least my pieces) were dry and the side dishes weren't all that great either. Vowed never to return. Maybe I was there on a bad day but for the price I would rather go to El Pollo Regio and know they cook it fresh.

                                        1. re: soulslinger

                                          Cowboy chicken is hot or miss. The chicken is always fresh and juicy for the lunch crowd, but those are some small chickens.

                                          1. re: soulslinger

                                            Yep like I said was great with the original owner, but hit or miss now.

                                            1. re: irodguy

                                              I too was disappointed with Cowboy. I really wanted it to have a good smoky flavor, but there was hardly any.

                                              1. re: Webra1

                                                Cowboys does not have a smoky taste, rather when good nice and crispy skin with moist meat. But not the place for smoky which is why Ms. Picky likes it. We will see what she thinks of Marco Pollo tonight. I am sick at home and asked her to stop at Marco Pollo on her way home.

                                        2. Babe's in Roanoke is the original Babe's I think. Anyway, it's got the best Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak anywhere. It's almost out in the country and it's got a real country roadhouse feel. It's BYOB and all the furniture looks like it come out of an antique mall. For $10 you either 1/4 of a chicken all fried or a giant chicken fried steak with all you can eat mashed potatoes, creamed corn, biscuits and salad. Nice weather can bring long waits, but it's worth it. But hey, if you've got a cooler and don't mind chatting with the locals, it's a great time.