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Jan 31, 2008 06:47 AM

VitaMix Blender, is it worth it?

I am researching into the Vitamix blender, is it really worth it? I do currently own a regular blender and also a juicer. But was interested in making fruit/veggie drinks, but wasn't sure if it's worth the money. If so, which model is worth investing in?

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  1. The super blenders are very capable machines. I routinely use my BlendTec to make frozen drinks that are as smooth as anything from a commercial outlet. The marketing techniques of Vitamix turned me off. I also considered the commercial units from Waring and Hamilton Beach, but I prefered the size of the BlendTec, it is among the "least tall".

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      We got ours from Amazon (, looked hard at the Blendtech but they just seem to be more complex with all the buttons and stuff, I'm more a kind of on/off gimme a big switch kind a guy. Lots of buttons = lots of things to go wrong in my experience.

      1. re: renov8r

        I'm curious -- what in particular was it about the Vitamix marketing that you found off-putting?

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          renov8r What BlendTec do you have?

        2. We have had the Vita-Mix Super 5000 for 2+ years, and use it at least twice daily. We got the 32oz compact container, which is ample for us. Love it- much more powerful than our old blenders.

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            For the OP's information, that 32oz. container allows the whole unit to fit under the cabinets if you want to leave it on the counter all the time. The "standard" 64oz container is to high.

            I don't know what "The marketing techniques of Vitamix" are that bothered renov8r. You can check out their offerings and/or purchase on their web site, the same as anyone else. Or you can call and talk to someone.

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              I agree, Bramble -- I ordered the Vita Mix 5200 blender from: some say the Vitamix 5200 blenders aren't worth the money, but if you're using it one or more times each and every day I think it's totally worth the investment. I mean, if you burn through 3-4 cheat ones, it's gonna be about a wash anyway ;-)

              1. re: HealthGuy

                This is what I've said as well. I know for a fact that I have burned through at least 4 blenders over the last 20 yrs or so. Paid more than the list price for the 5200 in those crappy blenders. These high powered blenders are certainly worth the money when you look at what they can do and how long they will last.

                1. re: scubadoo97

                  right on. couldn't agree more. although my fam and friends still think i'm crazy. they're just not into the whole blending thing like me -- it's kinda like a lifestyle choice i guess ;-)

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                What other blender did you have?

                1. re: MrBenne

                  I'm going to hazard a guess that they weren't power blenders.

              3. I got a Vita-Mix for a juice bar I owned in '97. Since the bar closed I have used it daily and went so far as getting the dry goods container and make my own flour. It is by far the best blender out there.

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                1. re: breadfan

                  I have a Vita-Mix 5000 and I absolutely love it. I have made soups and various other things in it. It makes smoothies really great and super fast. My husband and I are on a diet and we drink a lot of protein shakes. We can blend up ice and all in less than 30 seconds it is so easy and we use it probably at least 6 times a day. I am going to make my own peanut butter as soon as I get the nuts, I can't wait. I say it is the best purchase I have ever made for my kitchen, even better than a microwave!!

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                    Breadfan, I bought the Vita-Mix for my grown son, and he uses it every day, and still tells me it has been his best gift, EVER! It is approximately ten years old, and he uses it every day, had a problem this past year with a part, and had no problem getting a replacement part from company. He would buy himshelf another for himself in the future, if something drastic happened to this Vita-Mix! It is the best!!

                  2. Vanity-

                    Look for the blender marked "VitaPrep." It has an adjustable blade speed controller on the front so you can start off slow and go to full-speed. Much more versatile than the standard VitaMix.

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                    1. re: onocoffee

                      Sorry, but the controls on the Vita-Prep and Vita-Mix are the same; starting off slow and increasing the speed is SOP for "Vita-blending." I posted the differences on another board; the Vita-Prep is for restaurant use and has a much shorter warranty. You can always call their toll-free number and ask to speak to someone in the commercial division to confirm what I've written.
                      As for the machine itself, go for it. You can use it as a normal blender without overkill (it's incredibly powerful) but it does so much more. One thing I like to make is cashew gravy. I add the ingredients to the Vita-Mix (I heat the water first for speed) and rather than blending and then cooking on the range, I just blend it in the Vita-Mix until it's done--it literally COOKS it with no fear whatsoever of scorching or lumps. It's amazing and I understand the 5200 is even better than my 5000.

                      1. re: MacGuffin

                        As I work in the professional field, I'm used to working with Vita-Prep blenders and those labeled VitaMix have been timed blenders for drink work. You can always ask their commercial division to confirm what I've written.

                        As to the original question, the VitaPrep is certainly a large blender - and typically too tall to fit under standard cabinetry (although I think the smooth sided beakers might fit). I've used the gamut of blenders from Hamilton-Beach to Waring Commercial to Blendtec and VitaPrep - when you're talking about the last three they're relatively the same but I've come to prefer the VitaPrep better.

                        I keep my home unit on the counter with the blender beaker off to the side.

                        1. re: onocoffee

                          They're all "Vita-Mix," which is the name of the manufacturer, plus the home-use blender is referred to as "the Vita-Mix," followed by an adjective (depending on the extras) and a model number, the most recent of which is the 5200 (I have the 5000). It's to that blender that everyone on the board is referring, as opposed to the Vita-Prep, which functions identically and has the same controls. They're built to take more punishment, have a MUCH shorter warranty, and one of them has a 3+ HP motor which allows for a larger fan so that it runs cooler.

                    2. It's a $500 blender -- what am I missing?

                      I will say that it has one thing going for it, it is cheaper than a Kirby vacuum cleaner or a set of Regal Ware.

                      Like Kirby and Regal Ware, I am certain that it is awesome machine. I am sure some couldn't imagine life without it. I am sure I would save my money.

                      If you can't figure out why their marketing tactics might bother you, I have some ShamWows to sell you!