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Jan 31, 2008 06:25 AM

red wine with white lasagna?

I made a tomatoless lasagna with butternut, sage, hazelnuts and spinach. I think white would probably go best especially since there is just a touch of wine in the squash, but some of my guests will not ever drink white wine. In fact I'm not that crazy about it myself.

I'll probably get a bottle of white, but what kind of red wine can complement something like this? Thanks!

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  1. If there's not a lot of acidity in the food, a light red like Beaujolais or something unoaked from Spain or Austria.

    1. With a recent butternut squash risotto, we had a sangiovese that went really well. I would also consider a barbara.

      And what about a rose champagne or sparkling wine? I find this appeals to red drinkers more than even the nicest white pairings.

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        I'd probably go with a quality pinot noir. Archery Summit reserve, or some such. Or perhaps a good chianti.

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          I cook with butternut squash rather often, making ravioli filled with a mixture of butternut squash, sage, ground almond and parmigiano. They get raves -- and my recipe seems quite close to your lasagna, melon.

          The best pairing has been Pinot Noir, as anewton says, but Beaujolais (not nouveau) would also be fine. Fruity, medium-weight reds work the best.

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            Another medium-weight red, a Teroldego Rotaliano, might also do the trick.

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              Melon, I don't know how you make your lasagna, but when I make the ravioli, I steam or microwave large pieces of butternut squash, then scrape the soft flesh away from the skin. I puree the flesh in the food processor so it is indeed a sauce at that point and no additional "sauce" is required. (I'm wondering if this is similar to your prep for your lasagna.) I'll add the sage, whole almonds and Parmigiano and process a bit more to make the ravioli filling. After the ravioli are assembled and quickly dunked in boiling water, I finish them in a skillet with sage-brown butter sauce, a la Marcella Hazan. I also make butternut squash soup with a touch of curry.

              What I have discovered in the last decade making these two butternut squash dishes and tasting them with a variety of wines, is that there really is one wine (for me and my throng) that is far better than any other -- actually magical -- with them, and that is Pinot Noir. Those two flavors really have some special synergy together, so much so it's rather striking. How do you make your lasagna?

        2. those ingredients are all over the spectrum... which of them are the most pronounced flavor notes ?

          Is there any cheese or "sauce" in this dish that might swing it towards a particular wine ?

          1. <I'll probably get a bottle of white, > and what white are you planning to get? Perhaps you and your friends are "not fond" of white wines because you're choosing the wrong ones to go with your food? I'd suggest a white Lacryma Cristi to go with your lasagna. No oak, and soft, complementary flavors to your dish.

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              If you do get a white, I must say that Riesling pairs well with practically anything. Pick up a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle "Eroica". It's a fine deal at $22 (in the US).

            2. How about a nice light Dolcetto? I like to pair Italian dishes with Italian wines, seems like there is a higher chance of pairing success.