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Jan 31, 2008 05:05 AM

Lunch near Target Center

Hi, we're going to the Obama rally Saturday and were wondering what would be a good place to go for lunch ahead of time. Any ideas of somewhere fun? Thanks so much!!

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  1. Solera is fun, but they are not open for lunch-- so if you can have dinner there, it would be yummy! Palomino is sort of a chain, but there are local differences, and the chef in Minneapolis does great work. Joe's Garage is also good-- super, juicy hamburgers cooked to order. There are a ton of places in downtown, but these are just a few with really good food.

    1. Since Obama is going to be at the Target Center, you're probably going to want to eat somewhere close off Hennepin. Solera is a great pick, but you'd have to walk a bit through the skyways.

      For lunch, I'd pop into Mission American Kitchen (upscale and quick) or Potbelly. They are both in the IDS center, which is very close by skyway. Mission American is where all the posh business lunches happen. Have fun! Wish I could go to the rally, but I have to work!

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        Note that this is on a Saturday and Potbelly may be closed. Solera is dinner only as cheeseguysgirl has noted.

        I'd pick Eli's over Joe's Garage any day. It's also closer to Target Center.

        Ike's also comes to mind for solid burgers and sandwiches.

        Hell's Kitchen will be full throttle in the late morning, but if you are willing to wait I'd choose that.

        Finally, there are hotel restaurants - Chambers Kitchen, BANK, Basil's, Firelake. Chambers is the best (and probably most expensive). BANK is fine and I've heard good things about Firelake.

      2. Be'wiched is a bit of a walk (or drive) from the Target Center, but the food is wonderful. As others have said, the turkey sandwich with goat cheese and dates is wonderful. And the tuna confit sandwich is amazing, as long as you're not scared by tuna that is poached so gently that it looks raw - but isn't.


        1. Last time I checked Palomino was open for lunch on Saturday. We always sit in the bar along the window. Even though it might not be chowish enough for some people, they have a great lunch menu during the week with smaller soup/salad and pasta combinations that are just enough.

          If Mission is open, that's another good choice. The vermicelli salad there could feed three people.

          1. Pizza Luce... very solid pizza, many options for vegans but great for carnivores too. one of the best crusts I've ever had. If you like the looks of the Athena but wouldn't like to have a ton of garlic, try the Greek (not on the menu)