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Jan 31, 2008 05:01 AM

Baltimore private dining, nice restaurant for small wedding celebration

Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant, dinner for 20, in a private dining room in Baltimore?


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  1. What is your budget for this meal?

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    1. I'm not sure where you are in the city but my family just had a celebration at Artful Gourmet in Owings Mills. The food was good and we had a private room in the back.

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        La Tavola has a very pretty room upstairs, & the food is quite good.

      2. There are lots of options for this. $75/person seems pretty reasonable for almost any restaurant in Baltimore - except for the super high end ones. I worked with Jerry Pellegrino at Corks for my wedding reception and he was great about working with our budget (we were at about $50/person not including alcohol, but it wasn't a full sit-down dinner) and the food was amazing - people are still talking about it 2 years later. We did it at another site, but they have a back room that I'm pretty sure you can have for a party.

        Ixia has an upstairs balcony-type room that would be fun probably. My friend had a larger reception at Red Maple - which was great, much better than I had expected - but they could probably work with a smaller group.

        That new restaurant Junior's Wine Bar in Federal Hill has a back area that could probably work and they seem so nice - might be worth a call.

        I found when I was calling around that everyone was really nice and accommodating - you might just want to try whatever your favorite restaurants are.

        1. I recently went to a very nice small wedding at the Brewer's Art, I'm not sure how it would work for 20 but at this party the whole upstairs including the bar was closed off for the party.

          I've also seen B in Bolton hill closed for private parties

          And there is always the Brass Elephant- they've been doing parties like this for a long time.

          1. We went with a small party to Junior's Wine Bar on South Charles St. They have a nice back area that looks like it would hold 20 or more. The food was very good and not expensive. I think that we paid around $40, which included a couple glasses of wine and a tip.