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Jan 31, 2008 04:50 AM

RiRa in Portland

Has anyone been lately? How is the food? We were thinking of heading there next Sunday after Disney Princesses on Ice. (I may need a Guiness after that!)

We could go to Flatbread but we have one nearby in Portsmouth and we were hoping to try something different.

Any other suggestions for a Sunday afternoon bite in Portland with a 5 year old?

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  1. I've eaten at RiRa's several times and I'd say its pretty good pub food. The shepards pie was some of the best I've had.

    1. RiRa is good--it has an extensive menu (not just pub food) and the upstairs has a nice view of the water. They are very nice to kids (crayons, kids' menu, etc.) However, you could also try Brian Boru, which is closer to the Civic Center and has live Irish music on Sunday afternoons. Nice fish and chips, too.

      1. I've visited often since it opened and am rarely disappointed. It's a favorite of my Irish in-laws who come up from Boston. We had a table of eight upstairs last October and had a pretty solid chunk of the menu and specials between us. A terrific time was had by all - food, ambiance and pricing. A minor complaint was the self-absorbed staff who were busy taking pics of themselves in halloween garb but I thought it a bonus and the service didn't suffer - we were there early before things got going anyway.

        Brian Boru has renovated their kitchen and has a new menu which I haven't seen yet.

        1. We've always had a nice time at RiRa. The menu is pretty extensive and, except for a terrible fish pie one time, we've always enjoyed what we've eaten. The service can be slow but on a Sunday afternoon you probably won't have too much of a problem.

          Other ideas with kids? We usually go to Flatbread but you covered that! If you're in the area late afternoon you could do Margaritas on Brown St. (not far from the Civic Center; I think they open at 4p) for some Mexican - it's not incredible food but not terrible and my kids love it. There's also O'Naturals on Exchange St. for quick, good organic sandwiches, noodles, soups. Good luck surviving the Princesses!

          1. Brian Boru has a new chef and menu, what I've tried I like. Sunday afternoons you get the Irish music, $2.50 Guiness, and you don't have to park twice! There's usually a few children there too.