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Jan 31, 2008 04:32 AM

Homemade Creamy Cherry Frosting

I was hoping that maybe someone would know how to make a creamy cherry frosting for sugar cookies, that does not intail using maraschino juice, or leaving big chunks of cherries in the frosting itself.

Trying to get together some cute cookies for Valentines day, appreciate any help!

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  1. Why don't you want to use the juice? I've used it before and it was delicious. Are you looking for something easier or something more gourmet? If easier (and even more artificial) is what you are looking for, what about adding cherry Kool-aid to a good vanilla frosting? If you want something more gourmet, sorry no ideas!

    Good luck. Sounds like a yummy v-day.

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    1. re: o2cgirl

      I only don't want to use maraschino juice because they somewhat freak me out - they stay good forever! ;) I'm attempting to replecate a Betty Crocker cherry frosting I used to use, that they don't sell over here in the UK.

      Loads of great ideas though!

    2. Do you suppose you could put milk, powdered sugar, and cherries in a blender? Maybe run it through a sieve?

      1. You've got me thinking about this. I have homemade sour cherry compote in my freezer and I know whole sour cherries are sold frozen as well. How about making a cherry compote with sour cherries and then straining them and using the pulp to color and flavor the frosting, one made with icing sugar, maybe adding a bit of cherry liqueur. I have some cherry liqueur too, hmm, I may have to try this myself! thanks for the good idea.

        1. I think I'd probably cook some fresh cherries (or frozen) until they give off their juice, remove the cherries and use in another recipe (clafouti, perhaps?) then reduce the juice to a syrup and add to your icing. On a side note, I am making these linzertorte cookies- which I do every year for Valentines-- they are awesome. I am even going to splurge on a linzer cut out set from the King Arthur Baking Catalogue. I am a sucker for seasonal crip-crap. But cherry-frosted cookies sound yummy too!

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          1. re: Procrastibaker

            On that note, you can also find cherry juice if you look hard enough. Would be a nice compromise between marschino cherry juice and staining your whole kitchen red.

            1. re: Procrastibaker

              I would do something along these lines, too. Cook the cherries in a simple syrup until soft. Puree and then put through a sieve or cheesecloth. I do it for strawberries.

            2. The reduced cherry syrup sounds yummier, but I also would bet that you would be able to find cherry extract at a cake and candy supply place too. I know King Arthur has raspberry extract, but they didn't seem to have cherry.