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Jan 31, 2008 04:29 AM

Stovetrotters - Asheville - Biltmore Village

A friend of mine had lunch at Stovetrotters a few weeks ago and gave it rave reviews so I tried it for lunch recently.
This is a small place just outside the Village on Sweeten Creek Road at the intersection of Fairview Rd.
It has a very unique set up inside with an L-shaped bar-type seating that overlooks the cooking area and then about 6-8 other tables, so not a very large place. Very simple but pleasing decor.
I was really impressed by the lunch menu and found myself with the dilemma of wanting to try and couple of the of the day's specials offered spaetzle as a side and I've been known to order an entree just to get the spaetzle. Then there was the mushroom strudel.....I finally settled on a chicken stew over "sexy" mashed potatoes. It was perfect dish for a cold day. Hearty and rich without being heavy. It came with a biscuit and I normally don't like biscuits but decided to take a bite....yummmm incredibly buttery yet light and airy...almost like a "croissantiscuit".
For a non-alcoholic beverage and the stew (including tax) it was just over $10 so not bad.
They seem to do some special meals and other interesting events. I'll be back for dinner!

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    1. re: Spreadhead

      the old polar bar location.

      leah, glad to get your input. i haven't tried it yet, but have several friends who have. while none have been overly impressed, they have said it was good. they also all said the price points were too high for what's offered (and none of them are nearly as cheap as me!). sounds like you felt lunch was a fair enough value, did you see the dinner menu? if so, were the food & pricing similar to lunch?

      1. re: mark

        I didn't look at the dinner menu but looked at a wine dinner they were hosting. At $75 per person that's higher than most others that Weinhaus and Wine Guy do, but a quick scan of the menu left me w/ a good impression of dishes I'd like to try.

    2. I stopped in for lunch, too. In fact, leahinsc, maybe we were there at the same time! I was there yesterday and sat alone at the bar/counter--very pleasant, with a nice view of the kitchen area. Can't add anything else to leahinsc's review because I ordered the same thing she did. Thought it was very tasty, a good-sized portion without being grossly large (I never like being given a trough of food). Service was friendly and professional. I would definitely go back, either for lunch or to try their dinner.

      1. had a really positive experience there for lunch. thought it was great value for the quality. see longer post at