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Organic fish and meats in the North end of the GTA

I am currently and indefinitely stuck here in Richmond Hill, and am hoping that someone here would know where they would have non-commodity meats and fish nearby. Hopefully in Richmond Hill, but I would be happy to venture to Markham, Thornhill, Concord etc.

I am thinking of salmon, beef, pork, chicken etc., that are either labelled as organic or at least coming from a farm, where they pay attention to quality and limit the use of hormones and chemicals.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. Kloster's Butcher Shop in Aurora carries frozen grass-fed Ontario bison.
    They're at 220 Industrial Parkway S, Unit 9 (905-841-6679)
    Not too far from you.

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    1. re: torontovore

      Cool, thanks torontovore.

      I suppose, by the lack of responses, there really isn't much around here?

    2. Beef Connections has periodic deliveries to Richmond Hill. Farm-raised pork and beef, hormone-free, etc.Order online and pick it up at the designated spot at delivery time.Check out their website for more info - www.beefconnections.ca Nice people to deal with, too.

      1. You would probably find some good stuff at Stuart Carroll - they carry some of the same things that Cumbraes ("naturally raised meats") does downtown.


        1. Beef Connections sound nice, except I don't eat that much meat to justify for their packages, and I don't have a lot of freezer space.

          And if Stuart Caroll is anything like Cumbrae's, I'm sure I will like it. I'll be sure to check it out soon.

          Thanks all!

          1. i think berreta farms will deliver to your house if your order is over a certain amount(something like $150).
            ambrosia (on doncaster) carries some frozen meats and fish.

            1. I wonder how many good citizens of RH would be amused by your choice of words-"stuck in Richmond Hill"

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              1. re: Wiley

                Umm.. I hope that in speaking my mind, I didn't offend anyone living there. I have always been living in a more metropolitan area and currently does feel really stuck, being car-less and all.

                Also, this being a Toronto-centric board, I thought at least some people would share my sense of humour =)

              2. If you want to head up to Newmarket, Nature's Emporium, adjacent to Weston Produce, carries Beretta, Hallelujah Organics and other fresh meat in packages. No fresh fish though.

                1. Your title begins with "Organic Fish", and that is a puzzler. There is apparently certified organic salmon from Ireland, at the Five Thieves, but it is controversial. No farmed or wild fish from North America is certified, though there may be shrimp from Oregon, hard to find, and Dominion has organic shrimp from Ecuador. But most seafood here is commodity based, and in your area the best stores are Taro (J-town) and Fisherman's brother, both in Thornhill.

                  1. Wow! Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, and now I'm happy knowing there is no shortage of options for that kind of stuff. I suppose I should get try harder to get a car soon.

                    JayT: About "organic fish". I admit I don't know much about how they make the salmon "organic", or any fish for that matter. I just used to be able to get some at the fish market in Montreal, and at the back of my mind, I think I remember the monger said they were from Canada. I just assumed they were farmed in a certain way to get that designation.

                    My first choice would have been wild salmon, but I understand they're not in season now =)

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                      Wild halibut will soon be here. But if you go to those two fish places in Thornhill, they will give good advice and have fine products, just not as diverse as Montreal

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                        And I thought Montreal didn't have as much for fish, being pretty much as land-locked as Toronto but having less of a fish-eating population.

                        I'll look forward to visiting the two stores in Thornhill and enjoying the stuff there. Thanks again!