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Sep 29, 2001 08:02 PM

Best Fried Chicken

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I need a new place for really good fried chicken, since my favorite Gagnier's has been closed for a few months now (in an aside, does anyone know if Gagnier's will be reopening and the location). They had excellent fried chicken. Also, Paio (in Silverlake) had superb bbq fried chicken, but that place closed a few years ago.
Popeyes ain't bad, anyone have any other recommendations. I've been to Red's cafe and didn't find it to be that good, been to Roscoes many times but nowadays Roscoe's has been inconsistent usually veering toward bad, uncooked chicken. and on the high end I've tried Cynthia's on 3rd street, which is o.k. but nothing special for the excessive amount your paying.

I'll travel far and wide for some really good, well-prepared fried chicken. Price is no object either (just specify if it's supposed to be expensive).

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  1. Aunt Kizzy's , I have not been there in years but it used to be pretty good fried chicken etc.
    good luck!!
    Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch
    Villa Marina Shopping Center, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
    (310) 578-1005

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    1. re: tanyal
      Adrian Hopkins

      I was actually there this past April. I thought Kizzie's fried chicken, among other their soul food items were mediocre at best. The fried chicken tasted very dry and bland. I wasn't very pleased with the prices and portion sizes either, I spent close to $25 to get myself full. However, it was considerably packed with African American clientele, so I guess it was popluar with them, YMMV.

      I think M&M's (I've only tried the one in Pasedena) make much better soul food on the average, although I haven't tried M&M's fried chicken yet, so perhaps that could be worthwhile.

      1. re: Adrian Hopkins

        Oh well, I guess Kizzys has gone downhill, thanks! for the update. All this talk about Fried Chicken has given me a craving. Might just have to buy myself a big cast iron skillet and do it at home.

        1. re: tanyal

          Don't know if you saw it or not but there was just a very good thread on making fried chicken. If you go to General Topics and scroll down to 8/30/01 you will find the orginial post by Fattail. Some of the recepies really had my stomach growling with anticipation.

          1. re: tanyal

            Kizzy's hasn't gone downhill, cause it was never good to begin with. It's the perfect example of an overrated restaurant. Smothered pork chops which are reminiscent of cafeteria food and dry BBQ chicken? Ugh! And collard greens which are overly vinegared with no pork. This place is weak!

            1. re: Liver Boy

              Hey Liver Boy... Thanks for the Friendly post

              When I went, which, was probably over 10 years ago, I had tasty fried chicken and delightful cornbread stuffing.

              I posted my response to a question about fried Chicken from a Chowhound who was about to resort to Popeyes. I doubt Kizzys could be worse than that, who knows...

          2. re: Adrian Hopkins

            The fried chicken at Aunt Kizzy's is not that good. I love their short ribs though. I think they are some of the best in LA.

        2. Also you might like
          Harold & Belle's
          2920 West Jefferson Boulevard, South Central, CA 90018
          (323) 735-9023
          It has been a while since I have eaten here, but it was very good southern food

          1. Have you tried the fried chicken at Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch in Marina Del Rey (310) 578-1005? Sunday brunch is the best time to try this place because they have an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet that includes fried chicken.

            1. make your own. it's always better than restaurant FC. just season the flour well.

              oh, and brine your nird-pieces in a salt-sugar solution before.

              good luck. don't travel too far for fried chicken, okay? promise me.

              1. The best fried chicken I have had lately was at Maurice's Snack and Chat on Pico Blvd. It had just been pulled fresh from the fryer and was even too hot to eat. I had it with home fried potatoes that were also just made fresh, and bisquits also just pulled from the oven. The only drawback is that it was over an hour from the time we ordered to the time we were served. We were there 2 hours total. It is exactly like home cooking flavor-wise. Good home cooking.