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Jan 31, 2008 01:07 AM

Restaurant supply stores in Austin?

Hello Chowhounds,

Any recommendations for Restaurant supply stores in Austin?

I'm looking for another set of those square Lexan containers for marinating a lot of wings in the large one, and also a really big bowl for making a double-batch of coleslaw.

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  1. look no further than Ace Mart. Everything kitchen related that you could possibly need and pretty good prices.

    1. Thanks Kegs!

      Which one would you recommend?

      Ace Mart Restaurant Supply Co -
      1025 W 5th St, Austin - (512) 482-8700

      Ace Mart Restaurant Supply Co -
      9411 N Lamar Blvd, Austin - (512) 832-9933

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      1. re: sweet100s

        whichever one's closer to you, they have pretty much the same inventory.

        1. re: sweet100s

          North Lamar store is bigger, but it didn't used to be open on Saturdays.
          Both stores are now 9:30-5:30 Weekdays and 9-2 on Saturday.

          1. re: sqwertz

            Ended out at the North Lamar Ace Mart. Found the square brining containers, the non-metallic and the large coleslaw mixing bowl. Found the big plastic water tumblers I've been looking for, as I toss my old ones as they get hairline cracks from dishwasher temps after 4 months or so.

            Also saw some all-stainless sinks that were interesting. I've been thinking about putting one in the garage next to the drink fridge for when I'm brining turkeys / turkey breasts in order to keep all the poultry germs out there till it goes on the grill. I try to treat poultry like nuclear waste till it's over safe temps and the beasties are dead that could wreak havoc on an elderly person in the household.

            Store staff persons were very exceptionally helpful and friendly. Learned something I didn't know - Sink expert mentioned that the stainless restaurant sinks last forever 'except for when you put bleach on them'. Found this odd since I thought restaurants tossed bleach on most things every so often, and that stainless would take it fine. He clarified it was the stainless sink WELDS that had the problem with the bleach, which makes more sense.

            Sure enough, the sides were welded to the bottom, etc. He said that Houston area restaurant health code spec is to have INTEGRAL stainless restaurant sinks so they can use bleach. Big price difference between the 2 ($398 for a big double-sink in Austin vs $750ish for the one you can use bleach on from Houston.)

            Anyway, could definitely agree with the Ace Mart recommendation. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff, good inventory.

            1. re: sweet100s

              Sweets - before you buy a sink at the North Lamar Ace Mart, check ebay. For some reason, I've been able to find perfectly good sinks for what seems like unusually low prices. I was all set to buy my undermount stainless vegetable sink from Austin Plumbing supply for about $300, but then I found a perfectly acceptable substitute for $70!

        2. I bought something similar to that at Mission restaurant supply.

          Mission Restaurant Supply Co

          6509 N Lamar Blvd
          Austin, TX 78752
          (512) 389-1705

          1. There is also Lone Star Restaurant Supply on 51st street just east of IH35.

            1. Sweet100s.
              I would recommend the Ace Mart on N Lamar. It is better organized and I found it was stocked better than the one on 5th st

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              1. re: curlykerry

                i went to the ace mart on 5th St last week and they will be moving to s. congress and oltorf (in/near/around bealls). the person i talked to said sometime this spring although the move has been delayed several times.